Kristen Bell Has A Funny Take On Husband Dax Shepard Finding Other Women Attractive

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard being interviewed on NBC's Today

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard’s relationship isn’t always relationship goals but realistic goals. The couple doesn’t mind being real about their marriage – whether it’s an interview or social media. With the couple being so open, the actress isn't worried about what could be perceived as Shepard’s wandering eye. Some wives would freak out over that but not Bell. Fortunately, the actress was able to give a funny take on her husband finding other women attractive.

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard have been through the difficulties of marriage while raising two girls. So, Shepard’s attraction to other women may rile up another partner’s feathers. But it doesn’t faze Bell at all. When speaking about her husband’s attraction to other women, the actress revealed why she doesn’t feel threatened.

He can tell me someone he finds attractive, female or male, ’cause he pauses the Olympics on a lot of runners. But it doesn’t make me feel like he’s going to leave me for that person because I’m not allowing my self-esteem to be affected. I know there are people on Planet Earth that are more attractive than me, and well, we’re not dead. I have to acknowledge we’re monkeys.

Kristen Bell’s take on Dax Shepard’s attraction to women proved just how realistic and secure she is about her relationship. Given her booming Hollywood career, the actress seemed to not be unbothered by her husband’s love of women. Her response came from a woman who is confident, self-aware and mature. Bell’s view is in the minority within mainstream culture when it comes to outside attraction and marriages. At the same time, you can tell she and her husband share mutual love and respect for each other.

During her Self interview, Kristen Bell opened even more about her and her husband’s attraction to other individuals. During one instance, the cast of Friday Night Lights piqued the couple’s interest while watching an episode. Bell said about the moment:

We were moments away from picking up the phone and asking both Minka Kelly and Taylor Kitsch if they wanted to join our marriage.

Again, Kristen Bell was just her honest and hilarious self. She knew attraction to the opposite (or same) sex doesn’t die just because you’re married. Could you imagine the polyamorous madness a relationship between the couple and the Friday Night Lights co-stars would’ve created in Hollywood? Like many couples, Bell and Dax Shepard were having a fun moment over finding other stars attractive. They’re humans with desires just like everyone else.

It’s nice to know that a high-profile couple like Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard can acknowledge their attraction to others without jealousy and envy corrupting their relationship. Given Shepard’s relapse last year, Bell is in her marriage for the long haul. Hopefully, her words will speak to other couples in similar situations.

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