Dwayne Johnson Shares Funny And Sweet Rocky-Inspired Throwback Photo

Dwayne Johnson in Red Notice
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Dwayne Johnson is having quite the year, having released new movies and announced even more. And he already looks to be closing out 2021 on a fun note by surprising celebrity tour buses on Thanksgiving and generally being the people’s champ. Johnson has come a long way and regularly takes the time to look back on his younger self, reflect on the journey he/s been on and even poke fun at himself while he’s at it. With this, the entertainer recently shared a funny and sweet Rocky-inspired throwback photo. 

What advice would you tell your younger self if given a chance? It's a question many of us have been faced with at one time or another. And The Rock certainly took the opportunity to answer it on Instagram, through his recent throwback pic. It’s an excellent photo with young Johnson in front of the iconic Statue of Sylvester Stallone's Rocky Balboa. And his three pieces of advice to his younger counterpart are as funny as they are heartwarming. Check out the social media post for yourself:

The message definitely strikes an emotional chord but, of course, Dwayne Johnson being Dwayne Johnson, he had to add in that last bit. He gives some solid advice that would be helpful to any child and, that bra jab, while funny, simply serves as a motivator. And the young man had a lot to live up to. His nickname, “The Rock,” was taken from his late father, who went by Rocky Johnson in his wrestling days. That name, in turn, connects to real-life boxer, Rocky Marciano, who was an idol of Johnson. So Dwayne definitely could've used all the sound advice he could get when starting his own journey.

The actor recently shared a throwback to his wrestling debut, where he sported an exciting look, prompting him to roast himself. Given his love for the sport, he also included a wrestling easter egg in his new Netflix film, Red Notice, that had fans excited for a return to the ring. Needless to say, he'll always be connected to wrestling even as he continues to dive deeper into the film and TV industry.

Speaking of his success on that front, Red Notice has become one of Netflix’s most successful movies ever, breaking records on the streamer and outperforming projections at every metric. This, of course, prompted Dwayne Johnson to celebrate with his patented glass of Tequila. Johnson and his co-stars, Gal Gadot and Ryan Reynolds, will more be appearing in a sequel, considering how successful the production has become.

All the while, fans are waiting for even more details about the star's DCEU debut, Black Adam, and The Rock is confident that the film will be something wholly unique and original. He has no shortage of franchises now, and it doesn’t seem like he'll stop growing his catalog of roles and projects anytime soon. It'll be cool to see all of Dwayne Johnson’s upcoming projects, and most would agree that his continued work proves that the little boy, who once needed a bra, is truly getting it done.

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