Dwayne Johnson Celebrated Thanksgiving By Surprising Fans On A Celebrity Tour Bus (Because Of Course)

Frank Wolff in Jungle Cruise
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Most people are stuck inside on Thanksgiving cooking and cleaning all day, maybe even getting the fire department sent to their house after attempting a deep fried turkey. (Hopefully, that wasn't the case.) There are some, though, that apparently like to go on a celebrity house tour, and this year was one they probably won’t be forgetting anytime soon. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson celebrated the holiday by surprising fans on board a tour bus, because apparently that’s something that continually brings his heart joy

Dwayne Johnson yet again rolled his tinted windows down to give fans an eye full on Turkey Day, surprising them with not just a celebrity home but a real-life celebrity. In a recent Instagram post, we can see Johnson talk to the fans from his truck asking if they’ve seen his house yet. He then goes on to jokingly tell them to keep things that way. You can check out the delightful video he posted below:

Maybe it's just him channeling  Jungle Cruise's Frank Wolff, but it looks like he really enjoys having fun with tourists. While the Jumanji franchise star seems to be lighthearted and in a silly goofy mood with the fans, some celebrities may really have some qualms against a tour bus lurking in their neighborhood on a family holiday. That’s just what you want while carving up the turkey and unbuttoning that top pants button, a group of gawkers cruising by your window. Who knows, though, maybe other celebrities have just as much fun watching and surprising the tourists as The Rock does. 

Just as the tourists on the bus loved the surprise of seeing Dwayne Johnson roll down his windows to greet them, his online fans seem pretty thrilled as well. The comment section of the post is filled with heart and fire emojis, and the video itself has over 8 million views. Some fans are saying how much they love The Rock and his nature that radiates positivity, while others are still stuck quoting the lyrics to his new feature on Tech N9ne’s song “Face Off”. 

Sneaking up on unsuspecting fans isn’t all that the Red Notice actor got up to on Thanksgiving. He also gifted his truck to a Navy veteran, earning him ultimate Santa Claus status. In fact, he’ll be fully embracing the holiday spirit when he starts filming the Christmas movie he’s set to star in at Amazon.

While you won’t be graced with Dwayne Johnson’s Christmas movie this year, there’s plenty to look forward to from the busy star and he has a number of upcoming projects in the works. While Red Notice just dropped to Netflix, fans have another major film to watch out for: Black Adam. The long-awaited superhero film has finished filming, and we can expect Johnson’s flick to drop on July 29, 2022. Of course, in the meantime, the star will have time to drop in on some more celebrity tours.

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