Dylan Meyer Just Shared An All-Time Great Valentine’s Day Post For Kristen Stewart, And Cue The Awws

Kristen Stewart and Dylan Meyer at the Critic's Choice Awards
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Depending on who you talk to, February 14th is either a fun date night or a holiday that you’d like to forget. Regardless, Valentine’s Day is officially here, and plenty of folks are taking to social media to share messages of love about their partners. That includes celebrities, with these messages quickly going viral thanks to their fans. Dylan Myer just shared an all-time great Valentine's day post for Kristen Stewart, and cue the awws. Seriously, this love letter is going to put some people to shame.

Kristen Stewart has been wildly famous since her Twilight days, and continues to be iconic thanks to her sense of style and swagger. She’s been with Dylan Meyer since 2019, with the pair of artists breaking the internet with the news of their 2021 engagement. Meyer recently posted a sweet Valentine’s Day message on her Instagram, including a story that is equally parts funny and heartwarming. Check it out below:

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How cute is that? In addition to the photos of the couple throughout the years, Dylan Meyer’s caption shows why she’s an accomplished screenwriter. It tells a funny story about her time in a casino, while ultimately making it about her love for Kristen Stewart. Who needs chocolates when you have words like these?

Dylan Meyer shared this Valentine's Day message to Kristen Stewart on her personal Instagram account, which 111k followers at the time of writing this story. Although smart money says this post will quickly go viral, resulting in more followers for the actress/writer. Because how can you not stan this couple after seeing the photos and caption attached to this latest post? 

In Dylan Meyer's Instagram post, she tells the story of the time she won thousands of dollars playing craps... while having no clue what she was doing. What's more, she also helped win money for the folks she was playing with, making her quite the popular Casino guest. But despite the money and attention she got on that fateful day, Meyer maintains that she's happiest sitting on the couch with fiancé Kristen Stewart. 

While some folks go all out for Valentine's Day and spend a great deal of money to craft the perfect date, sometimes its more romantic to simply show your partner how much they meant to you. While Kristen Stewart and Dylan Meyer are able to go to star-studded events during Awards Season, they're seemingly happiest when relaxing at home. Celebrities: sometimes they really are just like us. 

Of course, this romantic post is sure to get the public wondering about when Kristen Stewart and Dylan Meyer will be tying the knot. It's currently unclear when the engaged couple will have their wedding, but they certainly seem happy while inching closer to the aisle.

Kristen Stewart has a number of upcoming projects in the works, in addition to whatever wedding planning in happening. In the meantime, check out the 2023 movie release dates to plan your next movie experience. 

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