Fast X Costars John Cena And Jason Momoa Are Teaming Back Up For A Comedy Movie

John Cena as Peacemaker and Jason Momoa as Aquaman
(Image credit: HBO Max/Warner Bros.)

John Cena and Jason Momoa’s are currently two of Hollywood’s biggest stars, and next year they’ll finally come together for Fast X. The latest of the Fast & Furious movies will obviously see Cena reprising Jakob Toretto, while Momoa is on deck to play a villain named Dante. We still have five months to go until that 2023 movie release, but if you’re looking forward to seeing these two share screen time, good news, now they also have a comedy movie coming up.

Warner Bros. Pictures has tapped John Cena and Jason Momoa to lead the action comedy Killer Vacation. No plot details have been revealed for the project, but according to Variety, after the actors met each other working on Fast X, they “were looking to take their natural chemistry to another film.” Killer Vacation is said to be similar to “fun, splashy adventures” like True Lies, with Mark and Brian Gunn penning the script, and John Rickard and Peter Safran producing. Killer Vacation was set up at WB before Safran was hired to co-run DC Studios with James Gunn.

Killer Vacation only strengthens the respective footholds that John Cena and Jason Momoa have at Warner Bros. thanks to their DC endeavors. Momoa has been playing Aquaman since 2016’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and he also appeared as Duncan Idaho in 2021’s Dune. Cena debuted as Christopher Smith, a.k.a. Peacemaker, in The Suicide Squad, and from there starred in the Peacemaker spinoff series that HBO Max subscribers can watch. Cena’s also set to lead the Looney Tunes movie Acme vs. Coyote, where he’ll play the CEO of the Acme Corporation, which Wile E. Coyote is suing.

As far as comedy goes, John Cena has more experience in this field, having appeared in the Daddy’s Home movies, Trainwreck, Sisters, Blockers and Vacation Friends, the latter of which has a sequel on the way. However, Jason Momoa did show off his comedy chops when he hosted Saturday Night Live in 2018, and he also got to play around with more lighhearted fare in the recently-released Netflix move Slumberland. So Killer Vacation has the potential to be an appropriately raucous movie that spotlights the two of them in the most ridiculous manner possible, and I mean that in a good way.

With Killer Vacation in the early stages of development, it’ll be a long time until we see how well John Cena and Jason Momoa pair together in it. For now, Fast & Furious fans can look forward to Fast X racing into theaters on May 19, 2023. Considering that Jakob Toretto made up with his siblings Dom and Mia at the end of F9, presumably if Cena’s character and Jason Momoa’s Dante cross paths, it will be as enemies rather than allies.

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