Fast X’s Brie Larson Shared A Fun Set Photo To Celebrate Vin Diesel’s Birthday

Vin Diesel in F9
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It looks like Brie Larson is quickly becoming acclimated to the Fast family after joining the cast of the upcoming Fast X. It totally makes sense why she would be indoctrinated into the family not too long after her casting, as she actually pitched herself pretty enthusiastically for the franchise’s 10th film. After franchise star and family head Vin Diesel shared the first look at Larson’s character in the future film, the Marvel actress took to her social media to share a fun set photo and wish her new co-star a big Happy Birthday.

From what we already know about Fast X, the film will be the first part of the franchise’s two film finale. With this being the case, Brie Larson is coming into the family at the tail end, but it doesn’t look like being late to the party is making Larson any less of a Fast family member.

In a recent Instagram post, Brie Larson shares a photo of Vin Diesel and herself seemingly goofing off on set, and Larson looks right at home chumming it up with the franchise star. Take a look at the photo in the post below:

I can’t help but notice that Brie Larson mentions adding “a little family” to fans’ timelines, a sure sign that she has been fully indoctrinated into Vin Diesel’s Fast ensemble. Diesel seems to be more than cool with the shoutout and declaration, as he responded in the comments with a simple red heart emoji. 

Vin Diesel also shared a grateful post while spending his birthday on set, saying how thankful he is to the entire crew and cast of Fast X. It’s been a long road for Diesel concerning the Fast franchise, and it is slowly coming to the end, fulfilling a promise he once made to franchise brother Paul Walker.

Of course, Fast X will not be the first franchise that Brie Larson and Vin Diesel have in common. The two are both Marvel stars, Larson having taken on the role of Captain Marvel the last few years and Diesel being the voice behind Groot. However, it is very possible the two have never crossed paths within the franchise, as Diesel is typically recording his role in a booth.

Brie Larson and Vin Diesel have certainly seemed to form a bond now, though, and after spending time on set and on his birthday, it’s clear that Larson is considered part of the Fast family. While you won’t find the two’s upcoming collaboration on our schedule of 2022 films, we can expect Fast X to grace us with its presence next year with a current release date of May 19th of 2023. Until then, we can pretty much expect further updates from the members of the Fast family!

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