Vin Diesel Shares First Look At Brie Larson’s Fast & Furious Character, And It’s Adorable

Joining the Fast X cast was a dream come true for The MarvelsBrie Larson. She went from pitching herself (and a possible MCU crossover) to being welcomed by Fast & Furious impresario Vin Diesel in a matter of weeks. Perhaps it should come as no surprise that the Oscar winner was welcomed into the family. But despite being a high-profile addition to the franchise finale, there isn’t much known about her character. While her new co-stars have been sharing set photos online, there hasn’t been much on the Larson front until now. Diesel broke the seal by posting an adorable first look of the Room actress’ Fast & Furious character.

The MCU star has already made an impact on the Fast & Furious family only a few weeks into shooting the series conclusion. In true Diesel fashion, the actor took to Instagram to welcome the Captain Marvel actress and her character to the fast-paced franchise. Not only did the Bloodshot actor share a nice chummy moment between the two stars, but wrote a sweet message hinting at Larson’s still-unknown character. Check the sweet tribute to the newest addition to the beloved film series in his Instagram post below.

It was cute to see Brie Larson putting her head on the Riddick actor’s shoulder. The photo was a wonderful way to preview her character for devoted fans as the series reaches its conclusion.

Citing the Oscar winner’s character as someone “you will meet in life that will change you” only served to hype moviegoers about what she will bring to the series conclusion. It appeared Larson’s character and Dom Toretto either have known each other for a long time or struck up a quick friendship. He gave a hint to the new character without spoiling any of her story. It still leaves fans guessing about what the Avengers: Endgame actress will bring to the fast-driving film. Viewers probably won’t know much about the latest addition until the final film inches closer to its release date.

Of course, bringing the MCU star into the fold was just the beginning of the film series’ superhero love affair. They dipped into the DCEU pool by snatching up Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom’s Jason Momoa, The Suicide Squad’s Daniela Melchior, and Titans’ Alan Ritchson. Diesel already shared a shirtless Momoa after the actor mentioned “getting his ass kicked” on set. Much like Larson, Melchior and Ritchson’s roles are unknown. The Dune actor will join forces with Charlize Theron’s Cipher to take on Dom and his crew.

Moviegoers will have to wait until May 19, 2023, to see what Brie Larson brings to Fast X. The Fast & Furious finale will be one of several projects featuring Larson in 2023, including The Marvels. In the meantime, upcoming action and superhero movies are arriving in 2022 to fill your time.

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