Florence Pugh’s See-Through Valentino Dress Nabbed A Lot Of The Attention, But Another Fashion Label Demanded 100K After The Show

Florence Pugh said knew she would make a lot of noise when she wore a sheer pink dress to a recent Valentino fashion show in Rome. The look went viral and has become a focal point from the event,  particularly after Pugh defended “fucking free[ing] the fucking nipples” in a candid post. Separately, however, there was also a bit of trouble brewing between Valentino, who put on the show, and separate fashion house Dior, who demanded $100,000 following the event.

Why Dior Demanded Valentino Pay Them After The Viral Fashion Show

I’ve seen fashionistas feuding on Emily in Paris, but apparently this sort of behavior translates to real life too. According to Christian Dior, the now-infamous Valentino show blocked customers from being able to enter the rival fashion brand’s luxury store. The slew of celebrities who attended the event, which included Pugh but also the likes of Anne Hathaway, Andrew Garfield and many, many more were not the only onlookers in attendance. In fact, reports indicate there was a crowd in front of the Spanish Steps, and therein allegedly lies the problem. 

According to Page Six, Dior shot off a letter after Valentino’s popular show demanding the other fashion house pay the store 100,000 euros, or  $100k in U.S. dollars as well. The store claims it was not able to “operate” for a large swathe of the day starting on the afternoon of the show. Apparently, Fridays are also typically busy for the brand. 

Christian Dior Italia initially demanded Valentino pay them within 15 days, or they would “adopt all the necessary measures” to recoup losses after the Milan-based label’s fashion show allegedly ruined their Friday business. Though in a second report over at Reuters, the matter has supposedly been resolved, with Dior reportedly backing down via a second note, though that came from an unnamed source.

Florence Pugh at the Valentino show

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Some business disruption is fairly common when live events go on out-of-doors. I’m sure the same thing happened the night the NFL draft occured in Las Vegas outside on The Strip in front of the Bellagio this year, but these sorts of events also bring people into town who normally would not be there. I would also be interested to know if the same people who might have shopped at Dior on a Friday were simply at the event to see the other label’s show. 

Valentino had signed on for the proper permits before the show occurred outside. 

The Valentino Show Led To Controversy For More Than One Reason

It’s unclear if Dior was the only business that was salty about the Valentino show being put on in Rome, but Florence Pugh also faced criticism during her appearance at the show for her fashion choice. Her gown had been provided by Valentino, and you could see the actress’ nipples clearly through the fabric of her dress. 

The Little Women actress dealt with backlash afterwards and doubled down with a post on her Stories that read: “In case you were terrified of my nips, here’s some more. She also more eloquently revealed her feelings in a longer post.

Ultimately other celebrities, including Bridgerton star Regé-Jean Page, defended Pugh's choice to wear the dress, but it's still made this particular Valentino show pretty notorious. This isn't the first time fashion made headlines for something outside of the outfit itself, and it doubtless won't be the last. 

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