Geena Davis Recalls ‘Awful’ Experiences With Bill Murray

Over the last few years there’s been a ton of conversation about the entertainment industry, and the inappropriate behavior that has happened on various film sets. The #MeToo movement inspired plenty of people to come out with harrowing stories related to sexual misconduct or harassment, resulting in some arrests and lawsuits. And the legendary Geena Davis recently spoke about some reportedly “awful” experiences with actor/comedian Bill Murray.

Geena Davis has had a wildly successful career, but she has had plenty of challenges over the years, especially when dealing with powerful men in the industry. She shared a story from back in 1990, where she auditioned for Bill Murray’s directorial debut Quick Change in his hotel suite. She claimed to i News that the Ghostbusters actor insisted on using a personal massager on her, despite protests. In her words,

I said no multiple times, but he wouldn’t relent. I realized with a profound sadness that I didn’t yet have the ability to withstand this onslaught – or to simply walk out.

This is a sentiment that was shared by plenty of survivors who shared their story at the height of the #MeToo movement. Namely being brought to a powerful figure’s hotel room for a professional meeting, before things got uncomfortable. And like so many others, Geena Davis felt unable to walk out in the midst of her discomfort due to the professional stakes and standards at the time.

Geena Davis’ comments come shortly after Bill Murray made his MCU debut in the trailer for Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania. Geena Davis has also been keeping busy professionally, but it’s clear that her experience working on Quick Change had an effect on her. Later in the same interview, she claimed that once she got the role and filming began, Murray would sometimes barge into her trailer, while also screaming at her on the movie’s set. 

The tension between the two increased when they were promoting Quick Change on The Arsenio Hall Show. In the clip Bill Murray caresses Geena Davis as she’s in the midst of an interview, at one point even pulling down the strap from her dress. She responded honestly when asked about this incident, saying:

Oh, you saw? Isn't it stunning? It's awful.

And as she was being touched by her colleague, Geena Davis is actually telling a story to host Arsenio Hall about Bill Murray being physical with her while auditioning for the role. The clip itself is actually online, and you can see it for yourself below:

In her interview with i News she was further asked about this appearance on The Arsenio Hall, and telling her story about Bill Murray while he caressed her on national television. She tried to remember her feelings at the time, saying:

I forgot that. Telling it that way, just as a humorous anecdote, I must have thought, ‘Well, it’s ultimately funny, or makes a good story,’ when in fact it was so devastating.

Geena Davis goes into detail about her life and career in her new memoir Dying of Politeness, which the League of Their Own star is currently in the midst of promoting. The book is available now, and no doubt features more frank honesty from the 66 year-old star of film and TV

Geena Davis has a number of projects coming up, and recently appeared in Guillermo del Toro's Cabinet of Curiosities. As we wait for her to return to the big screen, one can check out the 2022 movie premiere list to plan your next film experience. 

Corey Chichizola
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