George Clooney Had An A+ Take On Brad Pitt Calling Him The Most Handsome Actor Alive

Left: Brad Pitt walking onto a train in Bullet Train. Right: George Clooney standing in a tux in Ticket to Paradise.
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A few days ago we witnessed a rare occasion, Brad Pitt actually complimented his long-time pal George Clooney. Normally the two are always poking fun or throwing light-hearted shade at each other, so while there was a compliment Pitt also threw in just a hint of shade. Now, Clooney has responded in an A+ way to Pitt’s kind words, while he agreed with Pitt's compliment, he also noted that he does not 100% buy it. 

The two have a storied bromance. Ever since Ocean’s Eleven, the dynamic duo has been known for their shenanigans and pranks. Both actors are in the midst of promoting movies on the 2022 movie schedule, and their friendship has been coming up in interviews. Pitt was asked who the most handsome actor alive was, and while it came with an f-bomb, he did say it was George Clooney. Recently, Clooney was chatting with CBS Mornings, and when asked about Pitt’s comments he responded with: 

Well, he’s right about that. Let’s face it. I think the truth is, the first time he said himself, and they said ‘Maybe don’t say that. Let’s do another take.’


I wouldn’t expect anything else from Clooney. The snark is always real, especially with long-time costars. As he’s been on his press tour with Julia Roberts for their new movie Ticket to Paradise, the biting and simultaneously goofy comments have been flying left and right. Roberts, who also starred in Ocean’s with Pitt and Clooney, mentioned that she did the movie because it gave her a chance to be “really snarky to George.” 

The snark is for sure real on all sides, and I love it. All of this reminds me of the tomfoolery from the Ocean’s movies. For example, Clooney once pranked Brad Pitt and Don Cheadle by leaving them in a haunted house while filming Ocean’s Twelve. 

While the iconic heist movies, which are considered not only some of Clooney’s best movies but also some of Pitt’s best films, came out almost two decades ago, I’m so happy Pitt and Clooney are back on the screen in super fun movies. It seems like they’ve both been having a blast with their new projects this year. 

Pitt starred in the fun action comedy Bullet Train and popped up in the comedy The Lost City earlier this year. Meanwhile, Clooney has Ticket to Paradise coming out later this year. All these movies take me back to the Ocean’s days, but I just wish the two actors would work together again.

Oh, wait…they are! The two will be back together again in a new movie from Spider-Man: No Way Home director Jon Watts. Not much is known about the movie other than it will follow two “lone wolf fixers.” This all sounds kind of similar to the dynamic between Danny Ocean and Rusty Ryan, making it perfect for Clooney and Pitt.

While this movie is a ways away, luckily both actors have projects coming out this year to get excited about. Hopefully, these upcoming movies and interviews will mean more playful jabs at each other. On top of these silly responses, you can catch Clooney with his heist wife Roberts in Ticket to Paradise in theaters on October 21. As for Pitt, you can go back and watch The Lost City and Bullet Train, he will also appear in the Old Hollywood epic Babylon on December 25. So, I feel pretty confident more Clooney/Pitt shinanigans are on their way. 

Riley Utley
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