Halloween Ends: An Updated Cast List, Including Jamie Lee Curtis

Jamie Lee Curtis as Laurie Strode in Halloween Kills
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In 2018, the Halloween made a stunning comeback. The horror franchise spent years and years developing bad and unfortunate sequels (plus one reboot), but writer/director David Gordon Green successfully pulled off an impressive magic trick by disregarding most of the established canon and making a direct follow-up to John Carpenter’s classic original from 1978. It was a massive success, and the timeline continued in 2021 with the arrival of Halloween Kills. Soon, the new trilogy will come to its conclusion with the upcoming Halloween Ends – and the film has a great lineup of returning stars attached to be a part of the slasher mayhem.

There are still a number of questions that we have about the plot of Halloween Ends and how it will progress the established story – but one aspect of the production we do have firm details about is the ensemble cast. The new movie is pulling off a time jump from the events featured at the end of Halloween Kills, and it will feature a number of familiar faces (a.k.a. those who managed to successfully evade Michael Myers’ most recent rampage).

Jamie Lee Curtis as Laurie Strode in Halloween Kills

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Jamie Lee Curtis

The true key to the success of Halloween’s semi-reboot was in bringing back Jamie Lee Curtis as Laurie Strode and providing her with a fitting arc that did justice to the character. She has a very different part to play in Halloween Kills, given that she is in the hospital recovering from multiple stab wounds, but thanks to the aforementioned time jump in Halloween Ends, we expect to see her fully recovered and ready to finish her half-century-long battle with Michael Myers once and for all.

Jamie Lee Curtis has had a great career resurgence since 2018, not only thanks to the new Halloween movies, but also thanks to roles in phenomenal movies including Knives Out and Everything Everywhere All At Once. In addition to having completed filming Halloween Ends (during production she shared some great behind-the-scenes photos), she is also in the upcoming video game adaptation Borderlands, which doesn’t presently have a release date.

Kyle Richards in Halloween Kills

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Kyle Richards

Kyle Richards was just nine years old when she first played Lindsey Wallace in John Carpenter’s Halloween, and in one of the franchise’s best moves yet, she was brought back into the canon un 2021 to reprise her role in Halloween Kills. She teams up with a number of Michael Myers survivors in the sequel, and while most of them don’t survive Round 2 with the inhuman serial killer, she proves to be an exception, and she will be back to square off with him again in Halloween Ends.

The news that Lindsey Wallace would be back in the upcoming movie was confirmed in December 2021 prior to the start of production on the film. Richards also continues to be a part of the ensemble in the reality series The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills, which she has been on since 2010.

Andi Matichak as Allyson in Halloween Kills

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Andi Matichak

In 2018, audiences were not only reintroduced to Laurie Strode, but we had the chance to meet multiple generations of Strode women, with Judy Greer introduced as Laurie’s daughter, Karen Nelson, and Andi Matichak playing Karen’s daughter, Allyson. Karen doesn’t end up surviving Halloween Kills (much to the dismay of Greer), but Allyson’s story is continuing, and she will be back fighting side-by-side with her grandmother in Halloween Ends.

Allyson not only loses her mother at the end of the last Halloween movie, but Michael Myers also kills her boyfriend (Dylan Arnold) right in front of her. One can imagine that her passion to settle the score will be intense by the time we catch up with her in Halloween Ends, and it will be exciting to see her dynamic with Jamie Lee Curtis’ Laurie.

Michael Myers in Halloween Kills

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James Jude Courtney

At present, we are not clear on what goes down in the four year gap between the final scenes of Halloween Kills and the events that will open Halloween Ends. Has Michael Myers been in hiding, or has he just been constantly rampaging? That’s a big question we don’t have a full answer to just yet – but one thing is certain: Michael will be back in the upcoming sequel, and he will once again be played by James Jude Courtney.

The 6’3” Courtney first put on the blue jumpsuit and William Shatner mask for 2018’s Halloween, and he has been invading the nightmares of movie-goers since then. He’ll surely be silently stalking and stabbing up a storm in Halloween Ends – though we also can’t forget that he isn’t the only actor who plays The Shape in the semi-reboot trilogy…

Nick Castle as Michael Myers in 2018 Halloween

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Nick Castle

While James Jude Courtney now does the majority of the work in the Halloween movies as Michael Myers, David Gordon Green also ties the new sequels to John Carpenter’s original by featuring appearances from the man who originally wore the iconic costume: Nick Castle. After briefly appearing in the 2018 film, the actor had a small bit in Halloween Kills that didn’t make it into the final cut, but Castle has personally confirmed that he will have another “fun cameo” in Halloween Ends.

Prior to 2018’s Halloween, the 1978 movie was the only time that Nick Castle had played The Shape, but he is now back to being a staple of the franchise – albeit in a much smaller way than either Jamie Lee Curtis or Kyle Richards.

Will Patton in Halloween Kills

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Will Patton (?)

Now we come to one of the cast question marks for Halloween Ends. In both of the previous two films, Will Patton has played Officer Frank Hawkins – a Haddonfield cop who was on duty in 1978 when Michael Myers first attacked the Illinois town. He forms a bond with Laurie Strode at the end of Halloween Kills, sharing his thoughts on the nature of Michael and why he seems invincible, and it makes all the sense in the world that he would be back in action in Halloween Ends.

Unfortunately, we do not yet have confirmation regarding Will Patton’s return as Officer Hawkins. The studio has not released an official cast list, and he hasn’t been featured in any behind-the-scenes photos on social media. It feels safe to assume that Patton will be a part of the ensemble we see on screen when Halloween Ends plays on the big screen, but as of right now we can’t be totally sure.

One gets the sense that the entirety of the ensemble featured in Halloween Ends has not yet been revealed, but we will continue to keep this article updated as we learn about more actors getting in on the Michael Myers-centric chaos. Production on the horror sequel concluded in early 2022, and the film will be released in theaters on October 14 (just in time for the titular holiday).

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