Halloween Kills’ Jamie Lee Curtis Shares Epic Set Video Revealing How Michael Myers’ Opening Battle Happened

Michael Myers strangles a woman in Halloween Kills
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Spoilers ahead for Halloween Kills.

Halloween weekend is officially behind us, with many folks suffering from sugar comas as we begin November. David Gordon Green’s new horror movie Halloween Kills got an added boost at the box office as a result, with moviegoers watching The Shape rip through the town of Haddonfield. And Jamie Lee Curtis just shared an epic set video revealing how Michael Myers’ opening battle happened.

After Halloween Kills’ flashback to 1978, the movie picks up where the 2018 movie left off. Michael Myers manages to escape Laurie’s burning home, and engages in battle with the firefighters of Haddonfield, brutally killing them. Now we can see how this chilling sequence came together, thanks to Jamie Lee Curtis herself. Check it out below,

I mean, how cool is that? While they might only last a few seconds of footage, battle sequences and horror kills require a ton of work and preparation. Halloween Kills is definitely no exception in this regard, particularly when it came to Michael Myers’ first big battle sequence.

The above video comes to us from Jamie Lee Curtis’ personal Instagram account. She’s been Halloween Kills’ biggest cheerleader, especially once the highly anticipated slasher finally arrived in both theaters and Peacock. This clip shows how Michael Myers actor James Jude Courtney took on Haddonfield’s firefighters, complete with weapons and some wire work.

Watching Michael Myers brutally massacre the Firefighters with their own gear in Halloween Kills showed that The Shape was taking no prisoners this time around. His time trapped in Laurie’s burning home seemed to light a fire under him (lol), and the Haddonfield first responders are unfortunately just the start of his rampage through the town. That chilling sequence came together thanks to the types of rehearsal shown in the video… plus some wirework to give Michael superhuman strength.

Michael assembled an insane body count throughout the runtime of Halloween Kills, with almost no one surviving David Gordon Green’s bloody sequel. Overall the sequel felt quite different than the 2018 predecessor, with the town coming to life and becoming a character. And with so few characters still alive, smart money says Halloween Ends will zero in on those who remained alive.

Not much is known about what Halloween Ends will contain, but David Gordon Green previously revealed that a four-year time jump will allow the story to catch up with how time has passed IRL. The movie will also reportedly factor the pandemic into the story, which is sure to be interesting when factored into Laurie’s hermit-like ways. 

Halloween Kills is still in theaters and Peacock now, and Halloween Ends is currently expected for October 14th, 2022. In the meantime, check out the 2021 movie release dates to plan your next movie experience. 

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