Harrison Ford Is Hailed As An Action Movie Icon, But He’s Got Higher Praise For Tom Cruise

It goes without saying that Harrison Ford is one of the biggest action stars of all time. Having headlined movie franchises like Indiana Jones and Star Wars, he has one of the most memorable faces in the history of cinema. Let's be honest, it feels like almost everyone has a memory from a Ford-led flick. However, the 80-year-old performer also commends the talent of his peers at times and recently gave high praise to another once-in-a-generation action star -- Tom Cruise.

The Fugitive star talked about his two new streaming series as well as his long acting career during a profile with The Hollywood Reporter. When the conversation moved to the stunts the actor has had to perform for more technical action scenes, Tom Cruise came up. Harrison Ford clearly has a considerable amount of admiration for the Jerry Maguire star and the way he approaches his physically intensive work. Ford said:

I like Tom. We talk about flying. But he’s far deeper into physical acting than I ever was. I don’t mind running, jumping, falling down, rolling around on the floor with sweaty guys. Tom takes it to a whole new level that’s pretty amazing.

It’s a major compliment to be shouted out by Harrison Ford, especially for stunt work. The man is a legend and has participated in some of the most iconic action sequences of all time. All in all, Ford and his 60-year-old colleague have a lot in common. Not only have they both starred in big movie franchises, but they're also some of the bankable stars in movie history. On top of that, both have a love for flying planes. Tom Cruise has been flying for years and even piloted many of the jets in Top Gun: Maverick. Ford also has his pilots’ license and loves getting up in the air during his downtime.

Like his friend's, Harrison Ford’s acting career is still incredibly active. The Blade Runner icon is starring in two streaming series. He plays a therapist on the Apple TV+ comedy series Shrinking. The Hollywood vet is also starring alongside Helen Mirren on 1923, which is another prequel series to the hit western series Yellowstone. (Famed showrunner Taylor Sheridan is also behind the project.) So while Ford may not be jumping out of planes or riding motorcycles off cliffs, he's still keeping busy. 

As for Tom Cruise, the active star can’t be stopped and, as Ford stated, he's still taking stunts to a whole new level. The trailer for his upcoming film, Mission: Impossible- Dead Reckoning Part One, looks action-packed, and his promotion for the film has been nothing short of astounding. In addition, his most recent movie, Top Gun: Maverick, ended up being the biggest financial success of Cruise's career. It's great to see him and the Air Force One star still thriving, and it's also cool that at least one of them recognizes the other's skills.

You can catch Harrison Ford in Shrinking, which is currently available for AppleTV+ subscribers. You can also see the actor in 1923 if you have a Paramount+ subscription (and can watch Top Gun: Maverick with the same membership). In addition, Ford's next film, Indiana Jones and The Dial of Destiny, hits cinemas this June, with Mission: Impossible Dead Reckoning Part One opening in July --  and both will be a must-see films this summer. For more information on other films hitting theaters and streaming in the near future, you can consult CinemaBlend’s 2023 new movie releases schedule. 

Caroline Young

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