Hayley Atwell Took A Break Away From The Mission Impossible Set For A Quick Holiday And The Views Are Stunning

Mission: Impossible - Dead Reckoning Part One
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When part of your job is working on the two-part epic known as Mission: Impossible - Dead Reckoning, there’s going to be a need to balance the work and play involved with such an undertaking. While we’ve heard about a lot of the business end to Tom Cruise’s potential franchise finale, it’s the relaxation that brings us to discuss the 2023 new movie release in this moment. And what better way to discuss the matter than through some stunning views photographed by Mission co-star Hayley Atwell? 

It looks like the former MCU star and Dead Reckoning cast member recently had herself a relaxing, but quick holiday. Sharing valuable intel on how she recharged the batteries before heading back to work, Atwell posted the following to her Instagram account: 

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Looking at these gorgeous holiday snaps from Atwell herself are enough to spark a bit of envy for any of us not currently on a warm beach somewhere. Tranquil blue water, impressive rock formations and sand all around inspire images of peace and kicking back in style. Though if you're Tom Cruise or any other Mission: Impossible decision-maker, you'd probably still be running through what sort of antics could take place, as even the nearly 60-year-old actor has no intentions to quit stuntwork

After reading about some of Hayley Atwell’s insane stunts, a portion of which were completed while handcuffed to Cruise himself, this holiday seems like a well earned respite. Though the gap in the work schedule does seem to potentially explain how Tom Cruise surprised everyone at this year’s Oscar nominee luncheon. Which, while it looked like a lot of fun, isn’t quite the same as taking in the islands of Spain.

Originally intended as a more back-to-back shoot, writer/director Christopher McQuarrie’s next two entries in the Mission: Impossible series encountered several delays that widened the gap further. However, if you read Hayley Atwell’s explanation for Mission: Impossible 8’s delay, that occurrence was also in the name of taking care of business.

For now, Mission: Impossible - Dead Reckoning Part One is in the can, with the second part going back into production next week. Taking into account the natural splendor that Ms. Atwell is currently enjoying, she’ll probably be more than ready to slip the cuffs on again, if she has to, and make movie magic. 

Mission: Impossible - Dead Reckoning Part One will light the fuse on the summer box office when it arrives in theaters on July 14th. Those of you IMF agents who’d like to research the life and times of Ethan Hunt need only look to one source for that information: a Paramount+ subscription. Careful though, as random streams may be prone to self-destructing five seconds after you’ve finished. 

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