In New Statement, Alexandra Daddario Confirms She Was Home When Stalker With A Gun Showed Up At Her Home

Alexandra Daddario in beach gear in Baywatch 2017
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Celebrities give up a certain amount of privacy when they become celebrities, and while most are likely willing to accept that, it crosses a terrible line when “fans” become stalkers. Alexandra Daddario recently dealt with this first hand, as it turns out she was home when a stalker recently appeared outside her home, and she’s now left that home for her own safety.

Last month a fan was arrested by the LAPD outside the home of actress Alexandra Daddario. At the time, it was unclear if she was there when this transpired,  but it turns out that she was, as the actress has filed a legal declaration, explaining the situation from her perspective and Radar has obtained a copy of it. 

According to Daddario’s statement, her fiancé Andrew Form first told her there was somebody outside asking for her, and she thought it might have been a construction worker. However, when she arrived at the door the man said nothing and was visibly nervous. She then slammed the door and locked it. Police arrived later and arrested the man. It was then that a loaded handgun was found in the man’s car. She says in the declaration that she was informed by police about the gun so it sounds like she never saw it herself.

Following his arrest the man posted bail, leading the police to suggest that Alexandra Daddario leave her home for her own safety, and she has apparently done so. She’s also filed a restraining order against the man, identified as David Adam Cako. He’s due in court in June and Daddario says she will testify if asked. 

The legal declaration also revealed additional information about the man’s motives. Apparently, he is claiming that The White Lotus star is actually stalking him. Police have apparently told her that he believes she is monitoring his home via satellite, and that she has mentioned his name in her YouTube videos, which she obviously denies.

Stalkers are unfortunately something that many Hollywood celebrities have to deal with from time to time. Keanu Reeves has had one. Jennifer Lopez apparently had one staying on her property for an extended period. It can be a difficult problem to deal with because even once the celebrity is aware the person exists, the available options to deal with them can be limited if they haven’t technically committed a crime.

This person has now had a run-in with police, but if he’s out on bail there’s only so much anybody can do, thus Alexandra Daddario’s decision to leave her home for the time being. Hopefully, both the legal, and mental health systems can help this person. And hopefully Alexandra Daddario can return home soon. It's unfortunate this situation has forced her to have to leave her own home.

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