Indiana Jones 5 Producer Gives Fans An Update On How Much Filming Is Left

Harrison Ford in Indiana Jones 4 Trailer
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Of all the upcoming film projects that fans have been waiting years to see, few are as exciting as Indiana Jones 5. It’s a movie that we never thought we’d see, and while the release date has continued to see delays, production on the movie has really been happening. And now comes word that it is nearly done, as producer Frank Marshall says the movie is now in the “home stretch.”

Marshall posted a picture of a sign at Pinewood Studios to Twitter, where the movie is currently filming. The text reads simply “home stretch” with the Indiana Jones hashtag just to make sure that we all know what movie he is talking about. While we don’t know exactly how much time is left in filming based on this, the tweet was posted on Sunday, so we could be looking at the final week of principal photography.

Back on New Year’s Day director James Mangold had said that Indiana Jones 5 had about a month of filming left, and clearly it has taken a bit longer that to get the production done. But with all the issues that the pandemic has caused with all movie productions, as well as unrelated tragedies this movie has dealt with, being only a month behind schedule is almost nothing.

And since Indiana Jones 5 has seen its release date delayed even further since the movie went into production, it’s not like the film is in that much of a rush. The movie was set to open in July of this year, but that was going to be a tall order considering post-production is likely going to take time. The film is now set to open in June of 2023, which should give the production plenty of time for post-production as well as reshoots that will almost certainly be needed as they are a part of most blockbuster productions of this scale.

Of course, that delay also means it will be that much longer before we ever really see anything from the new movie. With a release date next summer we likely won’t see the first trailer for Indiana Jones 5 until the end of this year. And there’s a good chance we won’t even know what the movie is called until we get there. The official title will likely give us a pretty strong hint as to what the movie is about, so Disney won’t want to reveal it until the time is right.

Between the fact that Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, wasn’t that warmly received by many fans, despite being one of the highest grossing movies of 2008, and the fact that it’s been over a decade since the last movie, and Harrison Ford isn’t getting any younger, nobody knows quite what to expect from this next Indiana Jones adventure, but the fact that it will be an Indiana Jones adventure will be enough for most fans.   

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