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Jamie Lee Curtis Explains How It Feels To Be Saying Goodbye To Laurie Strode As Halloween Gets Close To The End

Jamie Lee Curtis looks out from her hospital room in Halloween Kills.
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While it comes with the horror territory to say goodbye to a lot of our favorite scream queens, Jamie Lee Curtis is one iconic final girl who we’ve had the pleasure to see a lot of for over 40 years. Curtis is practically just as much the face of the Halloween franchise as Michael Myers' mask is, and the actress has now expressed just how it feels to finally be saying goodbye to her character, Laurie Strode, as the current incarnation of the horror franchise nears its end.

It’s been a very long ride for Jamie Lee Curtis on the road of Halloween, as she first played the central scream queen Laurie Strode back in 1978 and will play the character for the last time in the upcoming Halloween Ends. To be a part of something, especially a franchise as iconic as Halloween, for so long is huge, and you would think at some point it would become an actual part of a person.

This certainly seems as though this is true for Jamie Lee Curtis, because in an interview with ET, the actress said that saying goodbye to Laurie Strode, who she has “inhabited” for over 40 years, is emotional. Not only that, but she also had to say goodbye to the people she worked with on the three films of the rebooted franchise. Here it is in her own words, exactly:

It’s very emotional. I said a farewell to a group of people that I've made three movies with. I've said farewell to a woman who I've inhabited for 44 years.

Not only has Jamie Lee Curtis been an integral and nostalgic part of the current Halloween trilogy, but she has been in almost all of the franchise’s many entries, playing Laurie Strode in seven out of the 13 Halloween films. The first film helped to launch her entire acting career, and she’s become pretty much synonymous with the franchise.

That’s some intense stuff, and it’s no wonder why she’s feeling emotional over her continued connection with Laurie Strode ending. In the same interview, Curtis explained that playing the character for so long and showcasing Strode’s journey has been a “privilege,” and the process has been a painful, yet satisfying one, saying:

I mean, it's so cray cray for me. The privilege of that and the honoring of Laurie Strode and her journey has been very emotional, very painful and satisfying because a whole new group of people are on the ride.

While, Halloween Ends (possibly the final Halloween film) is still currently filming, Jamie Lee Curtis appears to have finished with her part in it. This could mean that she isn’t featured heavily in the film, just as she had a smaller role in last year’s Halloween Kills. The possibility that she has wrapped before many of the other stars of the upcoming film may make the emotional part of her goodbye even stronger, as she had a quick time on the set of her last Halloween film.

We can expect to see Jamie Lee Curtis take back up the role as Laurie Strode one last time when Halloween Ends comes to theaters as one of this year's most anticipated new movie releases on October 14th, just ahead of its titular holiday. Just as it was for the actress herself, it’ll be emotional for those Halloween fans who have been with Curtis and Strode from the very beginning. 

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