Jason Momoa Knows He Dies A Lot In Movies. How His Kid Responded The Last Time It Happened

Jason Momoa in Aquaman still from the first movie
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There are certain actors who relish the idea of dying on screen. They enjoy playing up a gaudy death scene, knowing that they will resurface in another movie somewhere down the road. Jason Momoa is not one of those people. He understands that he has developed a bit of a reputation for having his characters die on screen, and according to the Aquaman star, it’s starting to bother his kids as they watch his movies and television shows.

Jason Momoa caught up with GQ magazine while in London to film his parts for the upcoming Fast X, and got into a conversation about the number of times that he has died on screen. And the way that the action hero framed the conversation, he made it more about how his children react to his on-screen deaths, which now makes me feel kinda bad about it. Momoa told GQ: 

My kids are always like, ‘Are you gonna die again? You always die. I obviously made a name for myself dying. so if you see me it’s like, ‘Momoa’s gonna jump on the bomb, I know it!’

The funny thing is, when I think of Jason Momoa on screen, I don’t automatically think of the fact that his characters have suffered deaths. Naturally, the first role that I go to for him would be Aquaman, the protector of the oceans. And while the actor admits that he has been getting beaten up during the filming of the pending Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, he definitely survives. 

Mind you, there is a quick shot of Arthur Curry dying in the extended cut of Zack Snyder’s Justice League, but now one knows if that’s canon anymore. DC’s ten year plan needs to clear all of that up.

OK, it’s time to wander into spoiler territory, so stop reading now if you haven’t yet seen Dune. Last warning. 

As part of the conversation regarding his on-screen deaths. Jason Momoa brought up a recent death he endured on screen as Duncan Idaho in Denis Villeneuve’s Dune: Part One. He goes down swinging, that’s for sure, making a final stand against the warriors of the Sardaukar. Here, watch it for yourself in this clip. It’s pretty badass.

Even that one bothered Jason Momoa’s kids, as the actor went on to tell GQ that he watched it with his kids and told them:

It was pretty heart wrenching, because I was like, ‘I’m right here buddy!’ But he was like, ‘Papa nooooooooo.’ I said: ‘Listen dude: if you’re gonna go out, go out big.’

That he does. This means that Jason Momoa will not be around for the sequel, Dune: Part Two, which has started filming in Budapest. The cast for the Dune sequel is ridiculously stacked, including Florence Pugh in a pivotal role, Christopher Walken, and Elvis breakout Austin Butler, who should find himself in the Oscar race for playing the legendary Memphis crooner. And we know that Momoa won’t die in the movie… because he’s already dead. Sorry, Momoa children.

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