Kevin Smith Spills The Details On Ben Affleck’s Sweet Wedding Speech For Jennifer Lopez

Ben Affleck and Kevin Smith in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back
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Kevin Smith and Ben Affleck came up in Hollywood together, but the two had a falling out a number of years ago. Smith blames himself for the fact that they stopped talking, but with a little help from one of our own Reelblend hosts, the two reconnected. And we can now see for certain that the Smith/Affleck friendship is strong, as Smith attended the recent wedding of Affleck and Jennifer Lopez.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez got married quietly in Las Vegas in the middle of the night, but then the pair went back and had the big blowout wedding for all their friends and family after the fact. Kevin Smith was there for it, and he clearly had a favorite part of the event. He tells People his old friend apparently didn’t simply write his own vows, but Affleck wrote a full speech, and Smith hung on every word. He explains… 

He's one of my favorite writers on the planet. He wrote his vows — they [both] wrote their vows, but he wrote a big speech that he read to her at the wedding, which was breathtaking. And it was long. That's one of my favorite things about Ben; he's his own biggest fan, so he wrote like a 12-page speech. I was like, 'Keep talking, keep talking.’ It was wonderful. Very inspiring. I was happy for them. They deserve it.

Smith calls Ben Affleck “his own biggest fan” in reference to the fact that Affleck decided to write a multi-page speech to deliver during his wedding. It seems like a bit of a dig, however, it really sounds like Kevin Smith may be Affleck’s biggest fan. He thought the speech was great and wanted it to go on and on.

Ben Affleck has certainly shown his capability as a writer in the past. He won his first Oscar for co-writing the screenplay to Good Will Hunting with Matt Damon. Since then he’s co-written several other films, including The Last Duel (another collaboration with Damon) and The Town. He wrote the screenplay for Live By Night himself, a film which he also directed and starred in. 

Ben Affleck’s current big screen appearance didn’t require quite as much work. Affleck has a cameo appearance in Clerks III which is currently in theaters as a Fathom Events offering. One of Ben Affleck's upcoming movies may be another Kevin Smith project. Smith hopes to make a sequel to Mallrats, and has a plan for Ben Affleck's character.

It’s wonderful to hear that the wedding of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez was so wonderful, and the fact that Kevin Smith had such a great time, and is so happy for his friend, is equally wonderful to see. 

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