Machete Actor Danny Trejo Celebrates Son In Touching Post About Sobriety

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Actor Danny Trejo has been known for his badass roles where he gained worldwide recognition playing Machete in the Spy Kids movies and then playing a more violent version of his character in the Machete series of an ex-Federale who takes revenge against those who have wronged him. He’s also had roles in numerous well-known films like Heat, Con Air, Sons of Anarchy, and xXx. What the Los Angeles native is also known for right now is being a proud father who wrote a touching post about his 34-year-old son's continuing sobriety.

It’s never an easy task to find sobriety, so it’s always important to commend that person for their accomplishments. Danny Trejo had no problem acknowledging his son, Gilbert, as he pointed his proud finger at his “best friend” in a photo he posted on Twitter. Gilbert Trejo has continued to make it on his recovery journey from drug addiction for the past eight years. He made sure to mention how proud he was of his son and the love he has for him. The 78-year-old actor also made sure to let the world know that there is hope in recovery.

Not only is Danny Trejo a real-life badass for supporting his son during his recovery, but for accomplishing his own recovery as well. When he was eight years old, his uncle reportedly introduced him to marijuana, only for that habit to spiral into drinking by the age of 12. He later became addicted to heroin as a teenager. Throughout the ‘60s, the Machete actor had a number of jail stints with everything changing in 1968 when a prison riot resulted in Trejo being in solitary confinement after hitting a guard with a rock. While he was confined, the action-packed star found faith and dedicated himself to sobriety. He was released from prison on August 23, 1969, and has been clean for over 50 years.

Recently, Danny Trejo played the voice of Stronghold in Minions: The Rise of Gru. The name definitely suits the character who is a member of the Vicious 6 with large muscles and metal gauntlets on his fists. Trejo felt like this role was a perfect fit for him because there was no need for him to change his voice. The film’s director, Kyle Balda, really did not want the Grindhouse actor to do any acting with his voice but to just be his true-grit self. 

Danny Trejo is prepared to handle anything in his acting career and family life. He joins the long line of fathers who are happy to know they have children who are just as dedicated to their sobriety as their parents were. Whether we eventually see a Stronghold spin-off or Trejo decides to continue his role as Uncle Machete in the upcoming Spy Kids reboot, this accomplished actor is still here to continue entertaining us all.

If you want to hear the animated vocal stylings of Danny Trejo as Stronghold, be sure to watch the 2022 movie release of Minions: The Rise of Gru in theaters now.

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