Matthew McConaughey Explains How Christmas Presents Work In His Family, And It's So Relatable

Yesterday was Christmas morning, and so there were millions of families surrounding trees opening presents. However, it sounds like the McConaughey family, which never does anything by half, may have had the most epic Christmas of all, as Matthew McConaughey says that their gift opening lasts most of the day, mostly due to the absolutely wild way the family makes sure that his mother has lots of presents to open.

Opening presents is fun, and so most people like to do that, but Momma McConaughey, who we know doesn't care for the way her son outs the family's dirty laundry, may love it more than anybody else, as her actor son recently revealed on Instagram that gift quantity is important in the family, especially to mom, so people give some pretty wild things just to be able to give more to everybody. I’m sure he’s not the only one that has a family like this.

I can certainly relate to the idea of everybody around the tree opening gifts one at a time so that each gift recipient and giver has the attention of the family. There are probably a lot of families like this, and depending on the size of your family, this alone can cause the gift-opening portion of your Christmas to take a long time, even if they're aren’t necessarily a lot of individual gifts per person. But when everybody does have a lot of gifts, you’re in for the long hall. 

Apparently, Matthew McConaughey’s mother enjoys opening gifts so much that people will give her a lot of stuff that, while useful, isn’t necessarily special. They’ll then even break up items to be able to wrap more gifts. I don’t want to pass judgment on anybody else's Christmas traditions, you do you, but this does maybe seem a tad excessive.  I guess somebody has to balance out Mila Kunis' kids' Christmas.

Giving Christmas presents is nice, and so is getting them. We all have those people in the family that want lots of presents or want to be sure they got more than somebody else, but there is clearly a point of diminishing returns. If you’re getting a lot of gifts that are just stuff, it doesn’t feel the same way. It may be the thought that counts but there are bad Christmas presents. Christmas is when we get gifts that, hopefully, are meaningful if not special. I mean, we all need rolls of toilet paper, but if you got one as a Christmas gift wouldn’t you wonder where you went wrong? Dwayne Johnson gives his mom a car, not q-tips.

And if this particular quirk of gift-giving isn’t what goes on in your family, I’m sure each group around the tree had their own slightly bizarre quirks. It’s what makes all families unique and in the end, it makes them all special. Even Matthew McConaughey is laughing with joy at the idea of his mom’s Christmas gifts. Giving “Mom Mac” random stuff has become the family tradition. And if she stopped getting all the random stuff she’d probably be quite disappointed. 

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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