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Matthew McConaughey Shares Throwback Photo With Channing Tatum, While Still Waiting On That Magic Mike 3 Phone Call

Matthew McConaughey in Magic Mike
(Image credit: Warner Bros.)

The Magic Mike 3 hype is real as Channing Tatum referred to the finale as the Super Bowl of stripper movies. While Tatum has been the only returning star confirmed to return, fans have been waiting to hear who else will be coming back for the sequel. One name viewers might be surprised to hear for a possible return is Matthew McConaughey. Of course, McConaughey’s sleazy Xquisite owner Dallas hasn’t been seen since the first film. But now it appears the Oscar winner wants to return for the final film. The Hollywood star decided to shoot his shot on social media.

The Sing 2 star wasn’t shy about wanting to return to the stripper franchise in a throwback Instagram post. McConaughey posted an image of himself and Channing Tatum promoting the first Magic Mike. It appeared the Oscar winner is ready for strip club action as he called out Tatum in the post below.

Calling out the Dog star seemed like the perfect strategy for the Hollywood star. Doing so could apply pressure on Tatum and the producers to put McConaughey in Magic Mike’s Last Dance. Seeing Dallas return for Magic Mike 3 would be a nice treat for fans of the film series after he missed out on the fun of Magic Mike XXL.

This wasn’t the first time the Gentlemen star put out his feelers to the sequel. When asked about possibly returning for Magic Mike’s Last Dance, McConaughey was down to reteam with Tatum after having fun for the first one. While Matthew McConaughey is ready to reprise Dallas, Channing Tatum seemed more skittish about bringing back the Oscar winner. He was unsure if the A-lister was willing to reprise his role while admitting the actor’s performance made the movie. The Magic Mike alum seemed more than ready to return for another round.

If McConaughey were to join the third film, it would mark only the second time he’s done a sequel. Of course, Sing 2 marked the first time in his decades-long career he had reprised a character. Matthew McConaughey felt Buster Moon was scalable as an animated character while admitting he was hesitant to reprise previous roles viewing them as sacred.

It would be nice to see what happened to Dallas and Xquisite after Mike left the club. If Matthew McConaughey were to rejoin the franchise, the dancing could be very intense, according to Channing Tatum. The Lost City star mentioned there will be more dancing than characters in the franchise finale. So, Magic Mike 3 might call on McConaughey to be more involved in the stripping aspect.

Of course, viewers will have to wait until Magic Mike’s Last Dance arrives on HBO Max to see if Matthew McConaughey will reprise his role. The production date and release date haven’t been announced for the sequel. In the meantime, you can check out other amazing movies on HBO Max.

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