Megan Fox And The 365 Days Actor Are Making A Movie Together, And Sign Me Up

Megan Fox on the red carpet 2022, pink hair.
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After seeing a bit of a career lull following her controversial firing from the third Transformers film (which she considers her lowest point), Megan Fox’s career has been heating up over the last several years. The actress recently starred in Big Gold Brick and Good Mourning, and her upcoming projects include everything from starring alongside Kate Winslet in Naya Legend of the Golden Dolphin, to Sylvester Stallone’s fourth Expendables movie. The actress has taken to social media to share another forthcoming project, this time starring opposite the 365 Days trilogy actor Michele Morrone, which excites us. 

Actress Megan Fox shared on her Instagram a Deadline article announcing her Millennium Media-produced sci-fi thriller titled Subservience. According to the report, the movie will focus on a “struggling” father, played by Morrone, who purchases a domestic artificial intelligence assistant (called a SIM and portrayed by Fox) who will help maintain the family home until she gains self-awareness and becomes “deadly.” Fox accompanied the post with a hilarious quip, stating the film is “a documentary.” 

Michele Morrone is best known for starring in the steamy hit Netflix trilogy 365 Days and his roles in MGM’s Duetto and Netflix’s The Trial. Millennium Media President Jeffrey Greenstein was quoted in Deadline as saying, “Megan and Michele are perfect for this timely and provocative thriller… With the addition of the talented Michele to add an extra layer of spice as our leading man,” This may lead some 365 days fans to wonder if Subservience will be as sexually explicit as the steamy Netflix franchise. Only time will tell if audiences can expect an erotic element in the high-concept sci-fi story.

Subservience will see Megan Fox reteaming with Millennium Media for the third time and rejoining her Till Death (one of the many Fox movies available for streaming) director S.K. Dale. The screenplay was written by Escape Room: Tournament of Champions writer Will Honley and Lost Girls’ April Maguire. The movie is slated to begin production in early January 2023. Dale, the upcoming movie’s director, said Subservience would allow us to see Fox in a way we never have. He told Deadline: 

This film will show a side of Megan that we have never seen before. The cast that we are assembling will elevate this emotionally-charged story, and I cannot wait to show you all what we have in store.

All I can say is, sign me up! I am excited to see the Jennifer’s Body star in another potentially iconic villainous role. The addition of Michele Morrone is just another aspect of the flick that has me excited for this semi-futuristic cautionary tale. 

Whether audiences can expect shockingly realistic sex scenes in the vein of 365 Days in the upcoming Fox and Morrone team-up is yet to be seen. Perhaps it will be more sci-fi than spice, and if that’s the case, 365 Days fans will have to settle for rewatching the three movies with their Netflix subscription. If any more big updates on Subservience come in, we here at CinemaBlend will be sure to pass that news along to you. 

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