Megan Fox’s Iconic Jennifer’s Body Scene Has Been Remade With Bratz, And I Can’t Look Away

Jennifer’s Body has become something of a cult classic since its release in 2009. Once a box office bomb panned by critics, Diablo Cody’s satirical take on high school horror movies has gained a new life in the wake of the #MeToo movement. The film has inspired an array of tribute acts on social media, but one video in particular has sent the Internet into a tailspin. The best part? It involves Bratz dolls. 

Whether it involves a Megan Fox lookalike or a comprehensive philosophical breakdown, there’s plenty of Jennifer’s Body content to go around. However, one specific homage has garnered social media attention, and it’s nostalgic in all the best ways. Take a peek below:

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Yes, those are animated Bratz dolls. As in the iconic Y2K dolls that spawned an empire of merchandise, movies and Nintendo GameCube video games. And yes, they are recreating that iconic scene from Jennifer’s Body that features a demonically-possessed Megan Fox trying to burn her tongue with a cigarette lighter. The objectively hilarious caption reads “Killing boyz, brb,” a reference to Jennifer’s penchant for devouring her male classmates

Responses to the Bratz video from have been mixed. Some adult fans have argued that the scene is inappropriate for a kid-friendly franchise like Bratz. Other users argued that the video would convince younger kids to attempt to burn themselves in a similar manner. Fans of Jennifer’s Body, on the other hand, held that the video was actually marketed to adult fans who would understand the reference.

This theory holds a bit more weight considering that Bratz dolls were discontinued back in 2016. They’ve only recently been popping back up on Target’s toy shelves. A quick scroll through the Bratz Twitter account also provides confirmation, since most of the content is geared towards nostalgic adult fans. The Bratz account even posted a clapback video addressing the Jennifer’s Body naysayers. Check it out below: 

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Captioned “When they don’t understand that your fans are grown up now,” the video features a Bratz doll scrolling through the myriad of comments on the Jennifer’s Body post. The doll slowly loses her mind as she views comments like “Why would they show this to children?” The girls with the original passion for fashion are clearly sticking around for their grown-up fans, not the current impressionable youth. With this apparent Bratz renaissance, one can only hope for more recreations of iconic films. The fans agree: some even petitioned for a full-length Bratz version of Jennifer’s Body. Hey, a Bratz can dream. 

Megan Fox is slated to appear in the upcoming films The Expendables 4 and Johnny & Clyde. Until their releases, you can revisit the campy fun of Jennifer’s Body on Amazon Prime Video. 

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