Naomi Campbell Called Out For Wild De-Aging On Oscars After Party Image: 'Worst Photoshopped Pic I've Ever Seen’

naomi campbell at the vanity fair oscars after party in 2023
(Image credit: Photo by Steve Granitz/FilmMagic)

It’s no secret that many of us feel pressure to make sure our appearance fits with societal standards, and not only does that include the way we dress, but how our faces and bodies look, especially as we get older. Being in the public eye means that lots of celebrities probably have even more anxiety about the way they look, and stars like Britney Spears have been called out for altering pics to make themselves look better. Now supermodel Naomi Campbell has been called out for some wild de-aging on the Oscars after party image she recently posted.

What Are People Saying About Naomi Campbell’s De-Aged Oscar Party Photo And How Did The Real Pic Look?

So, if you take a look at the picture that tops this article, you can see one of the photos that the runway veteran took when she attended the Vanity Fair Oscar party after the awards ceremony last Sunday night. I think most people would agree that she looks amazing there, with nary a perceived imperfection to be found. However, the star took to Instagram and posted a side-view of her at the party, and it’s clear some major de-aging was done on the pic, and fans aren’t happy about it:

1st pic is the worst photoshopped pic i’ve ever seen

We’ve certainly seen famous people go overboard when it comes to altering their images before. It was in late December, in fact, when former American Idol judge Paula Abdul was called out by fans for de-aging some Instagram pictures of herself to the point where she basically looked like a teenager. Even a super savvy social media user like Jennifer Lopez has been accused of de-aging herself online, while Kim Kardashian is said to have had several Photoshop fails, with one weird one making her neck look smaller.

Alright, I’m going assume you went to Campbell’s Insta and checked out the offending photo, but maybe can’t see why anyone would call it “the worst photoshopped pic,” even after comparing it to the image at the top of this article. So, let’s take a look at a much more similar photo from the event, that hasn’t had her ‘gram retouching:

naomi campbell at the vanity fair oscars after party in 2023

(Image credit: Photo by Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic)

Yeah. You see the difference now, don’t you? While the un-retouched pic features her good and glowy skin, you can definitely tell that she looks more real. Her laugh lines are showing a bit, as are other perfectly normal creases, which are by no means what any regular person would call excessive (which isn’t even the correct word, because your wrinkles are just your wrinkles, but you get my point).

The shot that the cover model used on social media, though, features a face and body that is so smoothed out that I, honestly, had trouble focusing on the image for the first several seconds of looking at it. Her skin tone has been pumped up to look more radiant, her makeup has been intensified, and some shadows seem to have been removed. Plus, in a move that is truly wild, even her underarm folds have been eradicated so as to make it appear that she has the underarms of a bronzed baby. 

There are several displeased comments about the look of that first Instagram image, with people wondering over why it was altered to such a degree, and why better photos weren’t used instead, but one follower cut right to the heart of the matter with a lot of real disappointment over the decision to de-age one of the grande dames of modeling:

God didn’t give you enough? You are gorgeous and the untouched pics are stunning and real. A gorgeous woman growing wiser and setting the tone for the rest of us. You don’t need the photoshop or filters. You are naturally stunning. I love the first one before it was ruined. You are magical just like you are! 💫

I happen to think this person went a little too hard on Madame Campbell. When you’ve spent most of your life as a famously beautiful person, it’s probably very difficult to let go of the idea that you must appear “perfect” at all times, and I doubt that there are many people in the world who don’t look at themselves and wish something were different. All the best to you, Naomi. And, again, you look amazing!

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