Another Day, Another Weird Photoshop Accusation For Kim Kardashian

I think it’s probably fair to say that Kim Kardashian and most of the many members of her famous clan owe their enduring celebrity to two things: their consistent presence on reality television, and their use of social media, particularly Instagram. We love getting a look at the lives of the rich and famous, and Kardashian definitely gives us that on a regular basis online. But, possibly because a lot of The Kardashians star’s popularity is so focused on how she looks, fans have already accused her of several weird Photoshop fails, and now Kardashian is facing another one that is focused on her neck, of all things.

What Is Kim Kardashian’s Supposed New Photoshop Fail?

Kim Kardashian is very well known for using social media to show off a number of gravity-defying looks. Pretty much every time the SKIMS founder takes a vacation or lounges by a pool she posts a pic for everyone to fawn over. But, this also means that eagle-eyed followers of hers are always on the lookout for what appear to be instances of Photoshopping gone awry, as when Kardashian appeared to be caught earlier this year making her already toned calves look smaller. One user’s recent TikTok video shows what she believes to be another Photoshop fail from Kardashian’s Instagram, where the newly single mom has, supposedly, made her neck look smaller:


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OK. This is…really odd. While I also don’t understand why Kardashian, a famously thin person, would do any significant photo editing to make her calves look smaller, the idea of her wanting her “traps,” a.k.a. the trapezius muscles along the back of her neck and shoulder, to look smaller is even more dumbfounding. It’s not like she’s got some giant, muscle-bound neck where we all look at her and go, “Man. How did that tiny lady get those massive neck meats? Do necklaces even fit her?”

As is shown in the video, the edit really does make Kardashian’s neck even more of a dainty affair, and I can readily admit that without being tipped off to something being strange about the photo, I wouldn’t have noticed this neck business. But, once the TikTokker shows how Kardashian’s neck/shoulder is supposed to look, the difference is startling. You can take a look at Kardashian’s original post below:

Kardashian has been knocked for even weirder Photoshop fails, which you will likely have no trouble believing when thinking about someone in one of the most photographed families in the country, if not the world. It was also back in January of this year that fans caught on to the fact that Kardashian had likely Photoshopped True Thompson into a pic she posted of her daughter, Chicago. In April, a post from Khloé Kardashian forced her to funnily cop to the fact that her sister’s earlier post was, in fact, edited to include True. And, someone also pointed out weird editing in a SKIMS ad that Kardashian was featured in.

Most of us have no idea what it’s like to have so much attention placed on our looks, but seeing as how Kim Kardashian fully knows that people will pick apart any image she posts, this latest Photoshop fail accusation is unlikely to phase the bikini-bearing billionaire businesswoman one bit.

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