Kim Kardashian Deletes Bikini Pic After Alleged Photoshop Fail, Seems To Forget The Internet Is Forever

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The Kardashian-Jenner family have built an extensive business empire by carefully curating their glamorous lifestyle for reality TV and, subsequently, social media. Their perfectly executed glam shots, selfies, and thirst traps for the masses are indeed second to none – except for when astute observers notice some… discrepancies. Such was the case this week when Kim Kardashian deleted a bikini pic after an alleged Photoshop fail. But the reality star – who came to notoriety with a sex tape – seems to forget that the Internet is forever.

Now, technically, bikini pics where the Kardashians are concerned are a dime a dozen. Pics that show them as less than absolutely perfect, though, are harder to come across. But fans did come across one image on Kim Kardashian's Instagram where her right calf looked very odd. Many remarked, in fact, that it looks so odd that it must have been a Photoshop fail to slip past their ranks. The pic is curiously no longer on the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star’s social media accounts, but the evidence lives on elsewhere online. See this fan’s screengrab of the deleted image:

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It is harder to say which is stranger: the supposed Photoshop edit itself or the idea that Kim Kardashian thinks her calves need to be edited. Either way, the mother of four couldn't scrub the mishap entirely from the Internet ethers, but she did try to rectify it on her social media. And by rectify, we mean Kardashian hilariously posted a new batch where her calves are cut off entirely from the spread (as you can see below). This leads us to ponder the, perhaps, greatest philosophical question of our age: are 1.5 calves better than none at all?

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Regardless, the infamous reality TV family might want to consider tightening up their editing practices – because the editing errors are seemingly mounting. Kim Kardashian was in fact called out by fans just earlier this month for posting a family pic on TikTok that looked as if Khloe's daughter True was photoshopped in. She also came under fire last year after her SKIMS ad showed another photoshop fail, which the company claimed at the time was an error resulting from the “uploading process.”

Other Kardashians are having trouble keeping up with their images, too. Khloe Kardashian in particular has endured claims that not only is her face ever-changing, but that she works overtime to keep unedited pics off the Internet. The sisters have also been accused of recycling old bikini pics across different accounts in the past. (Another great philosophical question here: once you’ve seen one Kardashian-Jenner bikini pic, you’ve kind of seen them all, right?)

Still, it's kind of amazing that Photoshop fails can still exist in the year 2022. Yet, here we are, Kim Kardashian with a calf seemingly without bones. It's a good reminder, however, for those who idolize impossibly curated beauty standards: what glitters isn't always gold. For some of what to watch on the small screen moving forward without Keeping Up with the Kardashians, check out our 2022 TV schedule.

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