Britney Spears Posted New Nude Photos But Some Fans Think Photoshop Was Involved

Now that Britney Spears is free to run her social media accounts however she wants, a lot of post involve free-spirited body moments, some frequently candid dancing moments or enviable vacation photos with her partner Sam Asghari. This week, Ms. Spears posted a series of nude photos, but what most people are looking at seems to be a noticeable Photoshop error on the photo. 

In the latest series of photos, Britney Spears presents herself both in black and white and technicolor. She also included some well-placed emojis to meet Instagram guidelines. Regardless, it’s not the emoji placement or anything else that really seems to be capturing the public’s attention. Instead, it seems to be the curved door. Take a look.

A lot of fans and friends threw out fire emojis and cheeky comments like “free body,” but there were a faction of people who couldn't get past that door curve, which is a  frequent tell that indicates Photoshop has been used to make a person’s appearance more appealing in a photo. 

One person blatantly pointed out that the door appears to curve right where Ms. Spears may be trying to make sure her tummy looks its best, noting, “Nice photoshop lol 😂 the door by her stomach is curved out.” (Indeed, if you look, that's right where the door does seemingly go from a straight line to a rounded one.) Other commenters noted, “I love your curvy door," with another agreeing "that is curvy" and including a door emoji. A third took a more outside-the-box humorous approach, writing, "I’ve always been intrigued by doors that don’t form a perfect rectangle. It feels so Picasso’sh." 

Other celebrities who use social media frequently do get called out for Photoshopping, so this isn't an experience that's unique to the "Sometimes" singer. The Kardashians were in the middle of a lengthy Photoshop controversy that actually went on for some time after they were alleged to have edited True Thompson’s head onto another kid while at Disneyland. In that case the rumors totally turned out to be true and Khloé and other Kardashians had to fess up about it. A little bit of a tummy tweak is small potatoes in comparison to that brouhaha, and this isn't the only Kardashian photo editing incident either. 

Britney Spears has called out the fans on Instagram who have accused her of Photoshopping in the past. In another photo from a while back, a tub looked curved in the images, sparking comments, but Spears noted that “the tub is curved” before any photo-editing rumors could be sparked. So, in that instance, she stopped a photo editing conversation before it even happened. 

In the meantime, doors don’t typically curve right around their middle, so I’d be willing to bet there was a little photo magic going on here. But it’s bare-ly noticeable, really. 

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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