New Report Details How Many Guests Were Arrested Over Guns At Disney World Last Year

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The relationship between America and guns is a very close one regardless of whether or not you consider that a good thing. I suppose it’s not surprising that when you're at a vacation destination like Walt Disney World, people who have guns will be visiting too. One would hope, however, they would keep track of their guns better. A surprising number of people have found themselves under arrest for bringing guns into the resort. 

At least five different people were arrested in the last two months of 2021 for carrying guns on Walt Disney World property according to a report from the Orange County Sheriff’s Office (via WDWNT). In one case a man at least approached security with the weapon, and his conceal carry permit to verify if he could bring the weapon into Disney Springs. Disney bans guns on property regardless, but the issue was only made worse by the fact that the permit in question was both suspended and expired.

One Orlando man was arrested going through Disney Springs security on the day after Christmas last year. He claimed he had taken his gun to the range on Christmas Eve and had simply forgotten the weapon was in his bag. The idea that people seem to forget they are carrying guns is a running theme among those who get caught with them on property.

A Georgia woman and a South Carolina man were both arrested at different times in November and the Transportation and Ticket Center for carrying handguns. The woman said she didn’t realize she had the weapon in her bag. The man said he was in the process of applying for a concealed weapon permit, but it had not been issued yet. In both cases the weapons were found loaded. 

In some cases it seems that the weapon problems stem from the difference in state laws. A North Carolina man was arrested on property after his handgun was found in the front outside pocket of his backpack. He claimed that in North Carolina that was legal, though he apparently didn’t think to check if Florida laws were the same, or that Disney might have their own restrictions regarding firearms. 

Five arrests in two months on the single topic seems like a lot. Crime happens at Disney World as it happens everywhere, but this seems a bit excessive. It adds up to around 30 arrests in a year all from people who try to carry guns inside Disney World. On the plus side, these arrests would seem to indicate that security measures work. People who try to bring guns into the parks are being found out and the weapons are not making it inside, which should give people looking to enjoy a theme park some peace of mind. 

While these people were arrested it’s unclear if charges were eventually dropped. It’s also unclear what actions Disney took. Crimes of any kind are not as uncommon as one might hope on property. Generally speaking Disney has a zero tolerance policy and will trespass people who are a problem. Even if no charges were ultimately filed being banned from Disney World is still a very real threat and possibly the worst punishment of all. 

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