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No Time To Die Editor Tells Story He’s ‘Not Supposed To’ About Catching Daniel Craig In Tears During Screening Of His Final Bond Film

Daniel Craig looks up bittersweetly in No Time To Die.
(Image credit: Danjaq,LLC and MGM)

Playing James Bond is a huge undertaking for any actor. And no one understands that more than Daniel Craig. Craig dedicated himself to keeping up the 007 brand over five films. At one time, it was questioned whether he would continue after the release of Spectre. Being that dedicated to a role would have any actor feel emotional. While it might be hard to imagine Craig weeping, a No Time to Die editor revealed how the actor felt after seeing a screening of his final Bond outing.

Craig spent almost two decades playing the international spy. So he was bound to be in his feelings over letting go of the Bond franchise. While Daniel Craig seemed stoic throughout many No Time to Die interviews, the film’s editor Elliott Graham opened up about catching him in a vulnerable moment. Graham was a little hesitant to expose Craig before telling Digital Spy:

You know, I’ll tell a story that we’re not supposed to, but he watched the rough cut of the film by himself. And we were invited in a few minutes after the producers. And he was in tears. Because it was 18+ years of his life. And it meant that much to him. There are actors were filmmakers who understand the process. And he’s one of them. He absolutely supports his collaborators, his directors, producers, and writers. And he spent three days in the editing room with us and could not have been more of a gentleman.

It seemed like seeing his final Bond performance hit Craig differently than making the movie. Watching the screening gave him the emotional release he needed. It appeared as if the No Time to Die star had been holding back from living in his emotions attached to his Bond tenure. At least Daniel Craig was a true collaborator during his time as James Bond, according to Graham. The Knives Out star echoed the sentiment in mentioning what he would miss about playing the character.

Daniel Craig invested much of his life in carrying on the Bond legacy. It appeared the actor’s history proved he was destined to play James Bond as his birthday coincides with the late Sir Sean Connery’s debut as the international spy. Now that’s fate. Playing the iconic spy even led to the Hollywood star being honored with the Order of St. Michael and St. George, which is traditionally reserved for spies. So the connection between Craig and Bond is still living on.

Thankfully, Craig’s 007 swan song allowed him to end his tenure on a high note as No Time to Die was ranked as his second-best. Of course, now, audiences can watch Daniel Craig’s final Bond film by subscribing to Amazon Prime. You can look over upcoming movies to see what else the actor has in store.

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