Nobody 2: 5 Quick Things We Know About The Upcoming Sequel

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When you think of action movie stars, who are some of the first you think of? For me, it’s always been people like Dwayne Johnson or Vin Diesel or even Arnold Schwarzenegger. But one that you might not think of is Bob Odenkirk. That’s right, the Bob Odenkirk who has been around in the industry for years, but has blown up in the last decade due to his critically-acclaimed performance as Saul Goodman in both the hit AMC series Breaking Bad and its prequel, Better Call Saul. 

Bob Odenkirk as an action hero was something I never really thought about – that was, until I saw Nobody, a film that was released in 2021 and followed a normal man who had to return to his past life full of danger when his house is robbed and he becomes the target of a drug lord. It was well-received both critically and commercially, so it would make sense for a sequel to happen – and it is in development. 

While a sequel hasn’t been officially greenlit, there have been many notes and announcements from cast members and crew on the former movie that the sequel is on the way. So, if you’re like me and you’re wondering when the heck you’re going to see Nobody 2, here are five quick things we know about the upcoming movie. 

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Nobody 2 Is Aiming To Start Filming In 2023

Reported by Collider in December 2022, it was confirmed that the creators of the sequel are looking to start filming the project as early as next year. Kelly McCormick, who worked as a producer on the original Nobody, spoke with the outlet about the proposed sequel during an interview for another movie she worked on, called Violent Night

McCormick talked about the process for the film, saying that they were really trying to make a movie that surpassed the first, and that they were aiming to start filming it in 2023:

We hope to make it next year, so fingers crossed. So our theory is you don't need to make a good sequel just to make a sequel. We need to make a great sequel. And so it's about making sure that we get it right. And if we do, I think there's a lot of hope that we can go next year.

This is great news. While there have been rumors about this movie for a long time now, this was all the confirmation we really needed to say that Nobody 2 is on the way, and hopefully, we just might get more information about it as early as next year. 

Bob Odenkirk in Nobody.

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But We’re Not Sure When It’ll Come Out

But, as you can expect, we’re not entirely sure when this movie is going to come out. The first one released in 2021, and since McCormick says that they hope to start filming next year, the idea of it popping up on any 2023 movie schedule is a bit unrealistic unless production can work that fast – which frequently, it can’t. 

A safe bet would probably be to hope for a 2024 release, which would seem about the standard time for many sequels to come out, about three years later. However, since we really know nothing for sure yet, take every theory with a grain of salt. 

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Writing For The Movie Took Place In 2022

With Kelly McCormick saying that they hope for filming to take place next year, one has to wonder – how long has this sequel actually been in the pre-production phase where people are writing the script? The answer is quite simple – at least since August 2022. 

When David Leitch, a producer on Nobody, was promoting his 2022 film, Bullet Train in August, he spoke with Collider again and teased that a script was being worked on, and that everyone was on board in order to make this movie: 

Oh, I think everyone's really excited about it. Everyone involved is like, 'Full steam ahead.' We are in the script process, and I think we had so much fun making that. Kelly and I had a blast, the actors had a blast, the studio loved the results, and it's happening. I mean, I think it's happening as fast as we can make it happen.

It makes sense for the script to have been going for so long. It was teased all the way back in 2021, when the director of the first film, Ilya Naishuller, told JoBlo that they were working on the sequel, but didn’t know if it would happen. Now, with this latest news, it’s looking more and more real. 

Bob Odenkirk in Nobody.

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Bob Odenkirk Will Most Likely Return In The Lead Role

Obviously, it wouldn’t really be Nobody if the star himself, Bob Odenkirk, didn’t return to the leading role. And, especially since the film sort of ended in a cliffhanger, it would only make sense for him and his family to come back. Thankfully, it looks like Odenkirk is just as excited about the sequel as we are, and we can probably expect to see him again since he’s also working on it. 

David Leitch again spoke about the sequel in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter during promotion for Bullet Train in August 2022, saying that the actor was definitely on board for the sequel to happen: 

I think that movie is going to happen. The will is there from Bob, the studio, the producers, Derek [Kolstad, the screenwriter] and ourselves. So we’re in development on it, like hard-core development on it, and I would place your bet on it.

It also helps that the star talked about the sequel itself, giving an update to Variety, where he admitted they were working on it in March 2022. So it looks like he will be back in the saddle. 

This itself is great news because Odenkirk had a momentous 2022, with the finale of Better Call Saul and receiving multiple nominations for his starring role – including a 2022 Primetime Emmy Award. But now that that’s over and the Breaking Bad universe has seemingly come to an end for now, I can’t wait to see him in a role like this again. 

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Connie Nielsen's Character Could Get In On The Action This Time

For those who don’t remember, Connie Nielsen played Odenkirk’s wife in Nobody, Becca Mansell. In that same interview that the director did with JoBlo, the interviewer suggested that Nielsen’s character get in on the action scenes in the sequel. 

To that, Naishuller was fully on board, saying that the interviewer was “right on the money” and that he liked the way they were thinking. Becca was more of a background character in comparison to Odenkirk’s starring role in the movie, so it would be exciting to see her get a little more development and maybe kick some ass. 

While we don’t know much about the sequel, Nobody 2 is (most likely) on the way, and we are so excited to see what they bring to the table next. Sign me up for more Bob Odenkirk action scenes any day. 

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