One True Loves: What We Know About Simu Liu's New Romance Movie

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A lot of us love a good, juicy romantic story. From some of the best romantic comedies like Crazy Rich Asians and action-packed romances like The Lost City, to heavier, romantic dramas like Love & Basketball, the fans of romance movies are many and varied, and we all adore it when we’re treated to a brand new entry in this diverse genre. 

This is why it was a pleasure to see that Marvel star and Barbie cast member Simu Liu is soon headed to the big screen in One True Loves, a film that puts his character in a love triangle with Hamilton star Phillipa Soo and a surprising third party. If this is the first you’re hearing of the upcoming movie, we do have some solid intel on the new film before you head to the theater to indulge your romance jones. Let’s get into it!

When Is The One True Loves Release Date?

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We don’t have that much longer to wait until we can feast our eyes on One True Loves, as the film will hit the big screen at select theaters on April 7, and then come to digital release on April 14, a few days later. We don’t know right now what cities/theaters will hold screenings, but even if your town isn’t one of the lucky ones chosen, you only have to hold out for another week before you can get an eyeful of the story.

Simu Liu, Phillipa Soo, And Luke Bracey Star

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As mentioned, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings star Simu Liu is set to star alongside Phillipa Soo (who was recently seen in a thriller series that Stephen King loved, Shining Girls), and their casting was announced by Deadline back in June 2021, along with the third person who leads the cast, Luke Bracey. The actor is probably most recognizable from his starring role in the 2020 Netflix Original, Holidate, alongside Emma Roberts (which many fans — myself included — thought was a fun rom-com in spite of all the critical hate), but has also appeared in Baz Luhrmann’s Elvis, and another Netflix exclusive, the 2022 hit action thriller, Interceptor.

Tom Everett Scott And More Also Round Out The Cast

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No romance worth its salt would have our leads puttering around without a solid set of family and friends to help them along in their journey to forever love, and One True Loves is no different. Also included in the cast are The Summer I Turned Pretty cast member Tom Everett Scott, who was announced by Deadline in October 2021. Other stars include Lauren Tom (Friends, Futurama), Michael O’Keefe (City on a Hill, Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty),  Oona Yaffe (Sleepy Hollow),  Cooper van Grootel (One of Us Is Lying, Savage River), and Phinehas Yoon (Taylor Swift’s Bejeweled music video). 

Also revealed to be co-starring by Deadline is Michaela Conlin, who TV fans will likely remember from her twelve seasons as Angela on Fox’s hit procedural, Bones, and who was more recently seen in Yellowstone, Dollface, and For All Mankind.

You Can Watch The Trailer Right Now!

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If your interest for the new movie has already been piqued just by hearing about the many stars populating the film, you’re in luck yet again, because we already have a trailer to feast our eyes on, which gives a very good look at the story that we’ll be in for:

Talk about a crazy dilemma, right? I can’t wait to see how this dramatic story unfolds!

One True Loves Focuses On A Woman Who Has To Choose Between Her Former Husband And New Fiancé

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As you can see from the trailer, and as it was laid out by Deadline when our trio of stars was first revealed, One True Loves will follow Emma (Soo), who finds the love of her life, Jesse (Bracey), and marries him, only to enjoy marital bliss for a short time, as when he leaves on a trip, his helicopter goes down and he’s eventually presumed dead. After she finally decides to look for love again and becomes engaged to Sam (Liu), however, her husband is found alive and returns to her, leading her to need to make a big decision about who she’ll spend the rest of her life with.

The Romance Is Based On A Taylor Jenkins Reid Novel

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Many people who love to watch a good romance are also fans of romance novels, and the story for this film is, in fact, based on a book of the same name by Taylor Jenkins Reid. The author has been publishing novels since 2013, but the past few years have seen her stories become ever more popular, with tales like Daisy Jones & the Six being turned into a series for Amazon, and several of her other highly lauded books being tapped for adaptations.

There’s no telling right now just how similar the plot specifics of One True Loves the movie will be to that of her 2016 novel, but you have some time to check the book out so that you can see for yourself once you finally watch the film.

Buy One True Loves on Amazon. (opens in new tab)

Reid Wrote The Screenplay With Her Husband, And Both Are Also Producing

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I imagine that while it’s probably the dream of a lot of authors to see their work turned into big and small screen adaptations, a lot of them would also like to be the ones to rework their tales for movie and TV loving audiences, and that’s exactly what Reid has been able to do here. When the leads were revealed by Deadline, the outlet also noted that the writer would be adapting her novel along with the help of her husband, screenwriter Alex Jenkins Reid (Resident Advisors, Angie Tribeca). The duo are also among the list of executive producers, while Andy Fickman (Heathers: The Musical, Christmas Again) directed the movie.

It appears that romance lovers will once again be treated to a movie that might soon be added to their collection of personal favorites when One True Loves releases in a few weeks!

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