Chris Hemsworth Shows Major Love To Wife Elsa Pataky After Her Netflix Movie Hits #1

Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky
(Image credit: Netflix)

Chris Hemsworth is on track to rev up theaters with Thor: Love and Thunder in July but, right now, he's acknowledging another member of the Hemsworth family who's making cinematic waves. The Marvel star shone a light on his wife, Elsa Pataky, as her Netflix film, Interceptor, hit the #1 spot on not only the streamer's U.S. trending list and the list from the couple's their beautiful home of Australia as well.

Chris Hemsworth expressed his pride over his wife's accomplishment through his latest Instagram post. In it, he shared of photo of Netflix's trending movies lists for both the United States and Australia. And what was even sweeter is that he drew a hearts around the icons for Elsa Pataky's new project, indicating the sheer amount of love he has for her and the movie itself. You can check out the post below, where Hemsworth describes the film as a tasty throwback action flick:

The actress certainly looks like a badass with that duct tape around her bicep, and she's got some pretty impressive arm muscles there as well. If you look at her in Interceptor, it becomes pretty apparent that her character, J.J. Collins, is a true counterpart to Chris Hemsworth’s Tyler Rake in Extraction. In fact, now that both Hemsworth family heads have had these similar action roles, I’m dying for a crossover or team-up between the two.

With this performance, Elsa Pataky just may have taken the action star throne from her husband, as the movie shows the actress in a whole new, kick-ass light. She got super fit for the role and even developed a family workout with her husband. Landing those top spots on the streamer's list had to be the icing on the cake. And her husband knows a thing or two about having a #1 film, as Extraction also once held that spot.

As sweet as she looks in the movie and as popular as it's turned out to be, fans commenting on Chris Hemsworth’s post are focused on a completely different aspect of it. Interestingly enough, Andrew Garfield has stolen the spotlight a bit.A large portion of comments are pointing out that Garfield films have taken the number two spot after Interceptor in both countries. In the United States, The Amazing Spider-Man is sitting at number two, whereas Hacksaw Ridge has taken the same spot in Australia. While I’m always down for some Garfield praise, I’m honestly more honed in on the fact that the Netflix algorithm has given Chris Hemsworth Gilmore Girls at the top of his TV recommendations.

But Gilmore Girls and Andrew Garfield aside, it’s pretty awesome that a badass woman is holding down Netflix’s #1 spot in multiple countries. I'm hopeful that this won't be the last time we see Elsa Pataky hold down a lead role in a blockbuster like this.

If you're interested in seeing Interceptor, grab a Netflix subscription and check it out.  Also, keep an eye out for other big releases by checking out CinemaBlend's schedule of upcoming movies.

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