Rebel Wilson: What To Watch If You Like The Senior Year Star

Rebel Wilson in Senior Year
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Returning to the spotlight in the new 2022 Netflix movie schedule entry, Senior Year, is Rebel Wilson boasting a new look, but the same side-splitting funny bone. She plays Stephanie Conway, who falls into a coma when she is 17-years-old (as played by fellow Aussie and Spider-Man: No Way Home star Angourie Rice) and wakes up 20 years later still determined to finish high school, reclaim her spot as cheerleading captain, and be crowned prom queen.

Seeing the hilarious Australian native lead a new comedy has inspired us to remember some of her previous greatest hits, such as the Pitch Perfect movies - which, a decade ago, earned her an instant ticket to the American mainstream. In fact, let’s start with that fun, infectious, musical franchise as we take a look at some of our favorite Rebel Wilson movies, below.

Rebel Wilson and Anna Kendrick in Pitch Perfect

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The Pitch Perfect Movies (Amazon Rental)

A typically reclusive aspiring musician (Academy Award nominee Anna Kendrick) steps out of her comfort zone to join her college’s famous a cappella choir, leads them to victory in a European competition during her senior year, and reunites with them once more (or so we thought) on an overseas tour for the USO.

Why it is worth checking out if you like Rebel Wilson: In the scene-stealing role of the self-proclaimed “Fat Amy,” Rebel Wilson was easily the breakout star of the Pitch Perfect cast in 2012, and more than likely the most essential reason why audiences came back for Pitch Perfect 2 three years later and 2017’s Pitch Perfect 3, which - with a TV series in the works - will not be the last we see of the Barden Bellas, after all.

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Rebel Wilson in Bridesmaids

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Bridesmaids (Amazon Rental)

After her lifelong best friend (Maya Rudolph) gets engaged and asks her to be her maid of honor, a cash-strapped, lovelorn pastry chef (star and co-writer Kristen Wiig) begins to reconsider what she really wants in life while also finding herself in a competition with a wealthy, overbearing fellow bridesmaid (Rose Byrne).

Why it is worth checking out if you like Rebel Wilson: A year before starring in Pitch Perfect, Rebel Wilson appeared alongside another hilarious female ensemble, the Bridesmaids cast, as Brynn - one half of the siblings who toss Wiig’s character, Annie, out of their apartment - in this Academy Award nominated modern comedy classic.

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A Few Best Men cast

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A Few Best Men (Amazon Rental)

After falling in love with and becoming engaged to a woman he met while on vacation (Laura Brent), a young Australian man (Xavier Samuel) asks his three closest mates (Kevin Bishop, Tim Draxl, and Love Actually cast member Kris Marshall) to all serve the duties of the best man, only for them to fail miserably at the task.

Why it is worth checking out if you like Rebel Wilson: In the same year she starred in Bridesmaids, Rebel Wilson appeared alongside a hilarious ensemble of fellow Aussies and Brits, but as a bridesmaid herself this time, in A Few Best Men - an uproarious comedy from the writer of the original Death at a Funeral, Dean Craig, and the director of The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, Stephan Elliott.

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Rebel Wilson in Bachelorette

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Bachelorette (Starz)

After a woman they used to pick on in high school (Rebel Wilson) asks them to be in her wedding party, three lifelong best friends (Kirsten Dunst, Lizzie Caplan, and Isla Fisher) throw the bride a bachelorette party that quickly spins out of control.

Why it is worth checking out if you like Rebel Wilson: A year after starring in Bridesmaids, Wilson once again starred alongside another hilarious female ensemble, but as the woman about to walk down the aisle this time, in Bachelorette - a comedy with a healthy amount of raunch and heart written and directed by Emmy-nominated Russian Doll co-creator, Leslye Headland.

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Rebel Wilson and Dakota Johnson in How To Be Single

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How To Be Single (HBO Max)

After going through a tough break-up, a young New Yorker (Dakota Johnson) receives help navigating the life of a singleton from her friend and co-worker (Rebel Wilson). 

Why it is worth checking out if you like Rebel Wilson: In 2016, Wilson starred alongside yet another great ensemble of funny women (also including Alison Brie and Leslie Mann), but this time as the one who specializes in partying like there is no tomorrow, in How to Be Single - a fun, often romantic, and somewhat cleverly informative comedy based on the book by Liz Tuccillo.

Stream How To Be Single on HBO Max.
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Rebel Wilson in Jojo Rabbit

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Jojo Rabbit (Amazon Rental)

A young boy (Roman Griffin Davis) who aspires to be the ideal Nazi - going as far as having Adolf Hitler (Taika Waititi) as an imaginary friend - begins to reconsider his beliefs after befriending a young Jewish girl (Thomasin McKenzie) whom his mother (Academy Award nominee Scarlett Johansson) has been secretly keeping in their home in World War II-era Germany.

Why it is worth checking out if you like Rebel Wilson: Another Oscar-nominated (and Oscar-winning) film on Rebel Wilson’s resume is Jojo Rabbit - director Taika Waititi’s quirky and powerful adaptation of Christine Leunens' novel, Caging Skies, in which Wilson plays a devoted member of the Nazi regime named Fraulein Rahm.

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Rebel Wilson in Isn’t It Romantic

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Isn’t It Romantic (Amazon Rental)

A New York City architect (Rebel Wilson) who despises romantic comedy movies for the unrealistically positive expectations they can often lead to sees her worst nightmare come to life when a head injury from a mugging incident sends her into a world defined by all the common elements of her least-favorite film genre.

Why it is worth checking out if you like Rebel Wilson: In one of her first lead movie roles, Wilson uses her signature comedic energy to poke fun at some of cinema’s most iconic rom-coms and all their most prevalent tropes in 2019’s Isn’t it Romantic - a fun send-up from director Todd Strauss-Schulson that also reunites Wilson with her Pitch Perfect co-star, Adam Devine.

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Rebel Wilson in Small Apartments

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Small Apartments (Amazon Prime, Tubi)

After accidentally killing his landlord (Peter Stormare), a lonely, reclusive man (Matt Lucas) struggles to hide the evidence, but finds his attempts interrupted by an eccentric detective (Billy Crystal) on his tail, the sudden death of his brother (James Marsden), and the other unusual adventures of his neighbors.

Why it is worth checking out if you like Rebel Wilson: In 2012, Rebel Wilson starred alongside a funny star-studded ensemble (also including James Caan, Juno Temple, and Johnny Knoxville) in Small Apartments - a bizarre, twisted dark comedy based on the novel by Chris Millis that also reunites Wilson with her Bridesmaids co-star, Matt Lucas.

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Rebel Wilson and Chris Colfer in Struck By Lightning

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Struck By Lightning (Tubi, Peacock)

On the day he is killed by a bolt of lightning, a snobbish, ambitious high school senior (former Glee cast member Chris Colfer) recounts to the audience the story of how he blackmailed several of his classmates into contributing to his literary magazine as part of his plan to get out of his hometown and lead a successful writing career.

Why it is worth checking out if you like Rebel Wilson: Based on a book that star Colfer wrote himself and directed by Brian Dannelly, Struck by Lightning is a dark coming-of-age comedy from 2012 also starring Rebel Wilson as Malerie Baggs - a friend of the central character, Carson Phillips, whom she helps to carry out his blackmailing scheme.

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Rebel Wilson in Ice Age: Continental Drift

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Ice Age: Continental Drift (Disney+)

A wooly mammoth (Ray Romano), a sloth (John Leguizamo), and a sabretooth tiger (Denis Leary) became separated from the rest of their diverse “herd” in the midst of a cataclysmic storm that sends them on a dangerous quest to return home while literally drifting across unfamiliar waters.

Why it is worth checking out if you like Rebel Wilson: Also in 2012, Rebel Wilson leant her voice to the role of the bullish kangaroo known as Raz in Ice Age: Continental Drift - the action-packed fourth installment of the long-running animated franchise from Blue Sky Studios.

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Rebel Wilson in Night At The Museum: Secret Of The Tomb

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Night At The Museum: Secret Of The Tomb (Disney+)

When the ancient tablet that brings the exhibits of the Museum of Natural History to life by sundown begins to show signs of corrosion, a veteran security guard (Ben Stiller) travels to London, where the key to saving the magic may be, only for things to go awry when an animated wax figure of Sir Lancelot (Dan Stevens) runs amok.

Why it is worth checking out if you like Rebel Wilson: In 2014, Rebel Wilson joined the cast of another popular franchise of family movies (made in live-action this time) as a security guard for the British Museum named Tilly in director Shawn Levy’s Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb - the third and final installment of the funny fantasy comedy series inspired by the children’s books from author and illustrator Milan Trenc.

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After streaming these titles and Senior Year - available to watch on Netflix as of Friday, May 13, 2022 - be sure to be on the lookout for what Rebel Wilson has in store next. Now in post-production is The Almond and the Seahorse, the directorial debut of actor Celyn Jones and cinematographer Tom Stern that also stars Charlotte Gainsborough.

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