Rebel Wilson On That Time She Locked A Teacher In Cupboard For Hours

Rebel Wilson in Netflix's Senior Year
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Rebel Wilson was not always the actress we know her to be showing off her physical comedy skills in hits like Pitch Perfect, Bridesmaids, Isn’t It Romantic, and more. If you only knew what her high school days were like, you would see that her stage name fits her well. While publicizing her new role in the upcoming Netflix film Senior Year, Rebel Wilson talks about that time she locked a teacher in a cupboard for hours.

You may think that the boarding school pranks you would see in teen shows like Zoey 101 or Looking For Alaska are a work of fiction. Rebel Wilson proves otherwise as she reminisces on her teen years. On Jimmy Kimmel Live, Rebel Wilson spoke of how she went to the Tara Anglican School for Girls and was a real “mastermind” pulling off a prank on a teacher she didn’t like.

I was smart at school but I was also a little bit cheeky. So in the Boarding House I would mastermind the escapes because there was a boy’s school next door. And we had bars on our windows, it was that type of good Christian school. And I would organize the escapes to go, and I’d work out all the passcodes for the alarms. And then one time I locked a teacher in a cupboard for four hours. Cause she was a mean teacher! And it was really good revenge.

Talk about a serious prank. But how exactly did a young Rebel Wilson manage to outwit her teacher at Boarding School? She went on to explain how the teenage coup happened, saying:

We said ‘Oh there’s something in the cupboard, Miss!’ And then we pushed her in and locked it. I know it’s a bit bad, I feel a bit bad now. She cried. But she could never tell which girl it was that pushed her in. So they would line us up and was like ‘Which one was it?’ And I’m like ‘Don’t say anything, guys. Don’t say anything.’ And no one ratted me out.

Well, looks like that teacher might have an idea now of who made her cry. Or would curiosity get the better of her to watch her former student looking fit and fab in her latest film Senior Year? This upcoming movie is about a high school cheerleader who had it all only for a cheerleading stunt to land her in a coma for twenty years. After waking up, she decides to finish off her senior year despite being in her late 30s. This means her character will struggle to understand how social media works and revisit her cheerleading days all over again. As far-fetched as this plot may be, we’re sure this will be about as entertaining as Rebel Wilson’s last flick when her character landed in a full rom-com in Isn’t It Romantic.

When the trailer came out for Senior Year, this was an opportunity for fans and her old schoolmates to see Rebel Wilson’s new trim appearance. During the pandemic, the Bridesmaids actress declared 2020 to be her “Year of Health." She started losing weight while working on Cats and, from there, the star really started to see some significant results. By November of that year, she lost 75 pounds. Looks like no one will be able to call her “Fat Amy” anymore, huh? Maybe her new nickname can be something along the lines of “Fit Amy” or “Twig Bitch” like her Pitch Perfect character used to call the skinnier members of the cast?

While Rebel Wilson is no longer in school anymore, you can see her revisit her teen years in her new flick. It'll especially give her nostalgia if her character happens to throw in any sneaky pranks during the film. Be sure to browse your Netflix subscription for Senior Year on May 13th. 

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