Rebel Wilson Looks Fit And Fabulous On The Last Day Filming New Comedy Senior Year

Rebel Wilson

Rebel Wilson has had one hell of a year (or two), and her transformation is proof enough. But if it wasn’t, she’s got a wrapped film to prove it, too! Wilson just recently finished work on her new comedy, Senior Year, and she's looking fit and fabulous in a behind-the scenes-look from the set of the upcoming Netflix film.

She’s going to need a new nickname, because the actress we knew as Fat Amy from the Pitch Perfect franchise is no more. Rebel Wilson is just as beautiful as she has always been but, thanks to a new lifestyle, she's looking pretty different these days. And the actress' new look is more than apparent in her recent Instagram post, through which she documented her last day filming Senior Year. You can check out the three-minute behind-the-scenes video below:

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The video features at least three costume changes for Rebel Wilson, and she looks stunning in each of them. Of course, we can see a number different looks for Wilson throughout the video besides just her alternate outfits, as she's also perfectly rocking different hair and makeup styles. It may have been a busy day filming, but Wilson looked to be perfectly relaxed while getting dolled up on set.

Rebel Wilson spent the pandemic pretty much reinventing her life and becoming an inspiration to many. She called the pandemic her “year of health,” and it would be an understatement to say that she went all out and had a hugely successful year. She succeeded in reaching her goal weight and worked on both her mind and body to take control of the issues she’s faced in the past when it came to keeping lost weight off.

But that year of health seems to be translating into a lifestyle because the actress seems to be moving on with her life in a healthy fashion, keeping the weight off while finishing up big projects like Senior Year. We even get a little peek at Wilson’s lunch, which looks both healthy and appetizing - maybe something she came across while finding recipes during her health kick. Senior Year seems like it may have helped Rebel Wilson stay fit and healthy as well, as the actress was even warming up for a last dance number in the video.

Fans commenting on the post are thrilled with how happy Rebel Wilson seems and how great she looks. The post is full of people congratulating the actress on meeting her goals and praising the dedication she showed in attempting to meet them. One fan points out that the costume changes and the dance number appear very Britney Spears-esque, which could definitely be something to look forward to in the upcoming film.

Senior Year is set to be released on Netflix sometime next year, and I honestly can’t wait to see Rebel Wilson living her best life while back on screen.

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