Ryan Reynolds Has A Funny Response To Betty White’s Comments About His Crush On Her

Update: To note, this story was written one day before news broke that Betty White had died. She was 99, and had planned a major celebration for her 100th birthday on January 17. We look back at her life and legacy here.

Another day, another quality joke from Ryan Reynolds about his questionable connections to other Hollywood stars. This time, Reynolds has referenced his The Proposal co-star Betty White after she responded to the self proclaimed crush he has on the nearly 100-year-old actress. It was a pretty cute exchange even if it didn’t work out the way Reynolds may have hoped. 

Betty White played Ryan Reynolds’ fun-loving Canadian grandma in The Proposal, but apparently Reynolds has held up the notion that White is actually his ex-girlfriend for the past decade or so. White seems to have her eyes set on Robert Redford, though, because she told People Magazine that Reynolds doesn’t stand a chance against him and that he needs to get over his crush. 

Ryan Reynolds apparently doesn’t like that news being spread, because he jokingly shared his disapproval by retweeting the entertainment magazine’s post on the matter. You can check his response out in the post below:

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If you’re on the up and up about Ryan Reynolds’ and Betty White’s history, you know it wasn’t always love between the two, at least for the cameras. Almost a year ago when Betty White was turning 99, Ryan Reynolds responded by sharing a video they created while working on The Proposal, where the two were more nemeses than anything, not a crush in sight. 

Red Notice star Ryan Reynolds seems to have complicated relationships with, well, everyone. His faux feuds with other celebrities like Hugh Jackman and, more recently, Dwayne Johnson are pretty legendary, but he even exchanges sassy quips with his own wife. It’s really no surprise that his relationship with the widely-beloved Betty White has its comedic ups and downs, as well.

In reality, though, it seems like Ryan Reynolds has some serious respect for Betty White. Ahead of her 100th birthday next month, Reynolds gave her some props for her comedy chops, saying that a lot of the comedic elements in Golden Girls came from her facial expressions. 

The two stars really have some chemistry, and I’d kill to see them act together on another project. The Proposal was romcom magic, Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock’s enemy to lovers plot helped along by Betty White and her fake heart attacks. Sadly, it doesn’t look like a film reunion is in the cards for the two. 

Ryan Reynolds has proclaimed an acting break, and Betty White, although still in great shape, seems to be staying out of the limelight during the pandemic. Which makes sense, because all I want to do is bubble wrap the Hollywood legend as she steadily approaches her 100th birthday. 

Even though we won’t be seeing the two reunite in the near future, we still have some Ryan Reynolds to look forward to, as he is finishing up projects that will release this next year despite him checking out of Hollywood for a bit. Both The Adam Project and Spirited are set for 2022, and hopefully the acting break won’t interfere with all the faux feuding we have come to expect from the actor. 

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