Dwayne Johnson Pranks Red Notice Co-Star Ryan Reynolds, And The Deadpool Actor Has A Great Response

The Red Notice cast
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Today, after a brief theatrical run, Red Notice arrives on Netflix for all to see. Based on the reviews of the new action comedy, some people will love the new movie, while others might not, but one thing that is indisputable is that the movie has an amazing cast with Dwayne Johnson, Ryan Reynolds, and Gal Gadot. Also, that cast clearly had some fun working together, as shown by a recent Netflix prank Johnson pulled on Reynolds. 

Dwayne Johnson borrowed the Netflix Marquee to have a little fun at the expense of his Red Notice co-star, accusing the actor of not paying for his own Netflix account. Of course, Ryan Reynolds had a response at the ready. All I can say is that being Ryan Reynolds’ mom has to be tough. 

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While I am not advocating sharing passwords of streaming services, that would be a wrong and you should not do that, I may have heard that some people make trades like this, where they pay for different streaming services and then share passwords around, so I suppose if Ryan Reynolds does use his mom’s account, it’s only fair she gets something out of the deal.

Now I’m wondering if this is the start of a whole new celebrity “feud” for Ryan Reynolds. Will the actor respond with some joke of his own this weekend as part of the promotion of Netflix? And if he does, will it stop there, or will Johnson and Reynolds continue to have fun with each other for months to come?

Could Ryan Reynolds spend his down time from messing with Hugh Jackman by messing with Dwayne Johnson? It would certainly make for a lot of entertaining social media content for us, so that wouldn’t be a bad thing. 

Even Netflix had opinions on Dwayne Johnson’s little joke. It shows a decent sense of humor that Netflix is having some fun with the idea of password sharing, a practice the company certainly doesn’t actually support. Of course, they can at least say they’re not happy with Johnson for the sign, even if that’s part of the joke. 

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If this is a taste of the fun that Red Notice is going to be, then I’m certainly looking forward to checking it out. It may not be a movie that reinvents the wheel, but the caper action movie with three fun and charismatic actors is sometimes all you really need. 

We saw how well Dwayne Johnson and Ryan Reynolds played off each other when they appeared together in Hobbs & Shaw, so we can expect more of the same now that Red Notice is on Netflix for all to enjoy. 

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