Ryan Reynolds Talks Playing Fast And Loose On Twitter And That Time A Fan Mistook Him For Ryan Gosling

Ryan Reynolds in Red Notice and Ryan Gosling in Crazy, Stupid, Love. screenshots
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It’s pretty common knowledge at this point that people often get huge fantasy icons Elijah Wood and Daniel Radcliffe confused for one another, even if the two stars are still lightly fighting against being misidentified by fans. As far as Ryan Reynolds goes, the Red Notice star is a tad more aggressive when getting mixed up with other actors. Reynolds recently opened up about playing “fast and loose” on Twitter when fans would mix up him and fellow actor Ryan Gosling.

Ryan Reynolds recently took part in the Green Brothers’ podcast Dear Hank and John (opens in new tab) and talked about his proclivity for snark on social media and how he has changed his demeanor on Twitter. Specifically how he would handle getting mixed up with The Notebook’s Ryan Gosling. Here’s what Reynolds said, exactly:

Years ago, I used to play fast and loose on Twitter. These days I’m a little more reserved. But I remember a question like this came up. It said: I can’t tell the difference between Ryan Reynolds and Ryan Gosling. And I answered the question. I said –and I would never do this today–but I answered and I said, ’Well the difference is easy to spot. Ryan Gosling has blonde hair. And Ryan Reynolds is a cunt.'

While he hasn’t dropped the c-word in some time, at least on his social media accounts, I find it hard to call what Ryan Reynolds posts now a reeled in version of himself. The snark is definitely still present in his wicked comebacks and burns, especially when it involved his faux arch nemesis Hugh Jackman. He’s not one to shy away from an F-Bomb, either.

Besides sharing the same first name, the two Ryan's do admittedly have some similarities. While Reynolds wasn’t a Mickey Mouse kid like Gosling was, he did start his acting career pretty young. In the same podcast episode, Reynolds thought back to the time where he was on a cringe-y Nickelodeon teen soap opera and freelanced as the neighborhood paperboy. This is what he said:

Like Ryan Gosling I did start at a very young age. I didn’t do anything as notable as the Mickey Mouse Club, I did like a bad sort of soap opera for teens called Fifteen for Nickelodeon. I remember that they gave me 250 bucks per week and I thought I was the richest man in the world. I also had a paper route which I wasn’t allowed to quit. And this paid like 3X what my paper route paid. It was incredible.

While it may not have been as glamorous as working for Disney alongside Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears, it still sounds like Ryan Reynolds was living his boyhood life straight out of a ‘80s movie. The child acting may be where the comparison of the two actors ends, though, as The Green Brothers point out that Reynolds would have made a VERY different Noah in The Notebook. They do have a point - I can’t quite picture Reynolds laying in the street or dangling off ferris wheels without making a ton of tongue-in-cheek jokes. 

Unlike Ryan Reynolds, Ryan Gosling has been keeping it kind of low key in Hollywood in the past few years. It looks like they may be switching roles, though, as Reynolds will be taking an acting break and Gosling is a part of a number of upcoming projects. We can expect to see Gosling in The Gray Man opposite some serious heavy hitters and he has been announced as Ken to Margot Robbie’s Barbie in the upcoming Barbie, a role I also couldn’t see Reynolds in even if I were squinting. 

Even if we can expect Ryan Reynolds to slow it down in Hollywood for a little bit, that’s not to say we won’t still be on the receiving end of some serious social media sass. One can only hope, anyway.

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