Watch Ryan Reynolds Drop Priceless Eggs And F-Bombs In Red Notice’s Blooper Reel

Ryan Reynolds is shown in Red Notice trailer.
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Red Notice has become the latest release do serious numbers on Netflix. Of course, Ryan Reynolds, Dwayne Johnson and Gal Gadot took to social media to celebrate the momentous occasion. But Reynolds took things a step further with his hilarious Instagram post. Well, the actor might’ve joked a little too soon as Netflix got the last laugh. The streamer posted a blooper reel of the cast with Reynolds taking center stage.

The Ryan Reynolds f-bombs fest came courtesy of Netflix’s Twitter account. After posting some serious numbers its opening weekend, the streamer wanted to celebrate with some outtakes from the comedy thriller. While Dwayne Johnson and Gal Gadot had some fun slip-ups, but it was Reynolds’ sarcastic humor and mishaps that took the hilarity up a notch. To see the Red Notice star fumble some “priceless” eggs and count the number of f-bombs, check out the full reel below:

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Of course, Ryan Reynolds stole the show. Seemingly every time Johnson or Gadot appeared in a scene with Reynolds, they couldn’t help but crack up as the actor went off-script. That’s one thing viewers can always count on: the Free Guy star improvising in his scenes. The reel’s opening with Reynolds dropping a “priceless” egg got things off on the right note. Thankfully, the egg was a prop and made of plastic ,as signified by its sound hitting the floor. The best moments were between him and Johnson as they traded new lines every scene. But he wasn’t the only Hollywood star to fumble some lines.

Seeing Dwayne Johnson and Gal Gadot have some funny outtakes humanized the iconic actors a bit. It’s Black Adam and Wonder Woman after all. Johnson’s outtakes showed how the star was willing to play along. Having him pulled by Reynolds in one outtake should’ve made the final film. Gadot cracked up so many times with her co-stars or without them. It was cute seeing her kick an underling and break out into laughter. That fun translated to the film’s humor and success.

As hilarious as the outtakes were, all those flubs might’ve cost Netflix some serious cash. Ryan Reynolds and Gal Gadot admitted those mess-ups costs the streamer millions as Reynolds lived to see his co-stars break character. Even before the blooper reel, he and Dwayne Johnson copped to numerous slip-ups while filming the action-comedy.

But the humor was desperately needed on the set as the film faced multiple delays related to COVID-19. The cast and crew needed something to keep their spirits up during such a trying time. Luckily, everything worked out based on fans’ responses. With the film still performing well, you can have a fun time with Red Notice by catching it on Netflix right now.

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