Salma Hayek Rocked A Bikini For The 77th Annual National Bikini Day, And Of Course She Looked Amazing

Here’s a fun fact as summer goes into full swing: the bikini was born this week 77 years ago – on July 5, 1946 to be specific. The popular bathing suit style first became popular in Paris because of French automotive engineer Louis Réard. So, to celebrate, Salma Hayek dressed up for the occasion by rocking a bikini and well, we can all go home now, she has won Instagram. 

The social media platform is famously the place where everyone flexes in bikini pics, but this effortless moment from Salma Hayek is the flex of all flexes. Check out her Instagram post: 

The actress, who looks in her absolute prime at the age of 56, brought attention to the anniversary while assuring her followers that this photo is not a throwback. Hayek also got a bit doomsday with it by commenting “Let’s hope they don’t ban them too.” She looks completely empowered in her bikini as she poses inside a pool. Given how successful the actress is, I really can’t tell if that’s a vacation pic or if she has that gorgeous pool in her home. Either way, she looks amazing. 

Hayek has been absolutely embracing the present in her life, and honestly, I think we should all take notes. Earlier this year, she spoke about how getting older has been better than she expected. The Oscar nominee is getting work left and right, and she told Glamour she’s “in love” with French billionaire François-Henri Pinault, who she had a surprise wedding with back in 2009. She also said this about her thriving career in the February 2023 interview: 

In terms of Hollywood, yeah, it’s changing… I was also told that, as an actress, you kind of stop working around 30. Imagine? I did really feel it at the time, and it's unfair. If I had said instead to myself, 'Don't worry, your best professional moments are going to be in your 50s,' I would have been devastated: 'Oh my God, do I have to wait that long?' But it'll happen.

Fresh roles from Hayek as of late have been nonstop and super impressive, so obviously she deserves some poolside time. Along with starring in Magic Mike's Last Dance earlier this year, last month, the actress starred in the viral Black Mirror episode “Joan Is Awful.” She played herself in a reality where she gives the rights away to a streaming service to use her likeness to generate a television show based on a real person’s life. You can check out the episode with a Netflix subscription. Next, she’ll star in an Angelina Jolie-directed movie called Without Blood

Along with finding success in her work and personal life, Hayek has been an inspired fashion muse on red carpets as of late, between her incredible plunging neckline dress at this year’s Cannes Film Festival and the way she took a note from Megan Fox with the see-through dress trend

Why relive one’s glory or throwback days when you can be a knockout on the 77th anniversary of the bikini? With bikini season here, Hayek seems to be saying flaunt it, and it’s a great summer energy to have. 

Sarah El-Mahmoud
Staff Writer

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