Scream’s Courteney Cox Shares Fun Ghostface Video For Halloween, Can You Spot Her?

Ghostface with a bloody knife in Scream 2022
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Ahead of the upcoming 5th installment of the Scream franchise and the reprisal of her role as one of Scream’s OG characters Gale Weathers, Courteney Cox has donned a Ghostface mask for some Halloween fun in a new video. She’s not alone, though, as the group of costume-clad party goers has us seeing double, triple, and even more as 5 Ghostfaces dance on screen, but can you tell which is Cox? I sure can’t.

If you are anything like me, you never get tired of Scream content, and that goes double if it involves the original cast. The survivors of the original 1996 film have been all about teasing and promoting the upcoming 5th installment, and Courteney Cox took full advantage of the spookiest holiday to drop some A+ Ghostface content. You can check out her and her friends dancing in full Ghostface gear in the Instagram post below:

Courteney Cox asks fans to guess which dancing Ghostface is her, and honestly I’m stumped. If I had to make a some-what educated guess, I’d say the killer on the left in the converse sneakers is her, and other fans seem to agree. This is the one that is most obviously female, however the first mask-wearer we see in the video is a close second guess. 

Most people in the comments appear to not even be trying to guess who is who, and are simply caught up in how “iconic” Courteney Cox in the Ghostface getup actually is. Those who do try, though, seem to be on the same page with thinking she is donning the converses. 

One fan comments that Ghostface costumes “hit different this year”, and that comment pretty much wins, because I feel it in my soul. Scream fans have been waiting for another film for 10 years, and another 11 before that. It’s safe to say that fans are beyond ready for another Scream film, especially since we can expect the golden trio of Courteney Cox, David Arquette, and Neve Campbell to all return once more to the big screen together in the revival. 

Halloween may be over now, but I don’t expect the hype for Scream 5 aka Scream to dissipate until fans are actually able to see the film. Now that the stars have viewed it and are ramping fans up, the hunger for the film is at its peak. The new generation of horror fans have another classic franchise installment to look forward to, and the promise of honoring the original film is giving the longtime fan base some serious hope for the continued story. 

The best part of this post is Courteney Cox’s caption. She reminds fans of Scream’s classic concept of the killer always being someone the group knows, and typically someone who is in the inner circle. If Cox ends up being the killer in the upcoming film, I’ll just about die. But she definitely brings home the idea that we are so not prepared to unmask another Ghostface killer. 

Scream is set to release on January 14th of next year. January is typically the month in which movies go to die, but not all hope for the film is lost. The box office seems to be getting back to normal, and people may still be hungry for a theatrical experience by then, and the film seems to have more than just an epic cast and franchise going for it. For more films to look forward to in the new year, check out our updated schedule of new releases in 2022!

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