Some Wild Sleuths Spent Monday Trying To Figure Out What Movie JLo's Wedding Dress Came From

Jennifer Lopez in Marry Me.
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Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck said, “I do,” in a small Las Vegas ceremony July 16 that was two decades in the making, and fans — as well as rom-com lovers everywhere — are believing in love again after this latest chapter in the reunited couple’s journey. Now that Jennifer Lopez has become Jennifer Affleck (J-Aff?), fans are clamoring for details of the lowkey nuptials, and the Marry Me actress didn’t disappoint. After she revealed that she wore “a dress from an old movie,” however, fans felt the call to action to figure out which flick she was referring to.

There were a few issues complicating the matter. For one, JLo wore two dresses on her wedding day — a Zuhair Murad Spring 2023 gown and the one from the movie, which Instagram user lucyontheground and fellow Internet sleuth Mary Kate Pleggenkuhle identified as Alexander McQueen’s Floral Jacquard Full-Skirt Gown. The second complication came from just how many wedding dresses have been featured in Jennifer Lopez’s multitude of rom-coms over the years. 

Due to the bride herself saying she’d had the dress for years and was “saving it, saving it, saving it,” it was easy to rule out this year’s Marry Me, and the virtual detectives also quickly ruled out the dresses from Maid in Manhattan, The Wedding Planner and the one from the Jersey Girl poster. 

lucyontheground searching for JLo's wedding dress.

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While the at-home detectives continued to scour the other movies that featured JLo getting married, Daily Mail recalled a piece of movie trivia that might have solved the mystery. Back in 2004, Jersey Girl was originally supposed to feature a wedding scene between Ben Affleck’s Ollie Trinke and Jennifer Lopez’s Gertrude. However, when the couple split in real life, director Kevin Smith chose to cut the scene from the film. Smith told US Weekly (via EW) at the time:

I didn’t know if [it was right] to leave it in. People might forget they’re watching a picture, like, ‘Wait, didn’t these two NOT get married?’

If only he could have seen 18 years into the future! So did proof of Bennifer 2.0’s wedding attire get left on the Jersey Girl cutting room floor? Did the gown with the boat neckline, tight waist, and pleated skirt that fans spent an entire day searching for actually come from the couple’s second movie together? It certainly would be fitting, but with no visual evidence, I guess we’re left waiting for some kind of confirmation from the bride herself. Godspeed to lucyontheground, and may her searches not be in vain. At least she’s got a sense of humor about it:

As the newlyweds settle into their life together — in a newly purchased estate for their blended family — they’ve each got a number of projects in the works. Jennifer Lopez stars in the upcoming Shotgun Wedding (Another rom-com wedding?! Check the dress!), while her husband will return to the role of Batman in The Flash, which is set for release in 2023. While we wait for those projects, check out our 2022 Movie Release Schedule to see what’s coming soon to theaters.

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