The Rock Shares Gym Progress Photo, And Holy Legs

Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam
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Dwayne Johnson has looked like a superhero for pretty much his entire adult life. He’s one of the few actors who could play a role like Black Adam with zero padding the suit, though even Johnson admits he worked extra hard to make sure he was in appropriate shape. And while Black Adam is behind him, it seems The Rock is not slowing down, because holy hell the dude has legs the size of tree trunks right now. 

Dwayne Johnson dropped a post-workout pic to Instagram recently. He wasn’t looking to promote anything or celebrate the continued box office success of Black Adam. He’s just keeping in touch with his fans, looking a little wild, but the thing you can’t help but notice is that the man’s legs are just absolutely huge.

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Dwayne Johnson has never been a small guy, but without a normal sized human being to compare him to, it’s not always that obvious just how covered in muscle he really is. Perhaps because he’s wearing a shirt, and thus his upper body muscles are less clear, he looks like it hasn’t just been leg day, it looks like leg month.

While Dwayne Johnson’s upcoming films will certainly require him to remain in shape, it doesn’t appear this level of workout is focused on anything specific. This is just his normal workout routine, or as close to a normal routine as Dwayne Johnson has. His next film is slated to be Red One, a Christmas movie for Prime Video that will co-star Chris Evans among others. That’s actually the only movie on The Rock’s schedule that has any sort of release date.

Of course, it’s possible that The Rock is intentionally staying in Black Adam shape in case he’s needed for future projects. While no sequel to Black Adam has been officially announced yet, such a thing seems quite likely given the film’s success, and it’s also nearly a foregone conclusion that we’re going to see more of Black Adam in future DC films, though certainly we have no idea what form that will take as of yet.

With Black Adam marking the return of Henry Cavill as Superman, and a sequel to Shazam!, Black Adam’s comic book arch nemesis, on the horizon, there are multiple opportunities for Black Adam to make his presence known in DC films. It’s probably best to just keep working out in order to be ready. Though wardrobe may need to redesign the Black Adam costume to make room for those massive legs, and if Superman and Black Adam do end up taking each other on, Super better try to avoid being kicked in the face. 

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