Tom Hardy Continues To Top The Odds To Play James Bond, But Two Other Favorites Are Making A Comeback

As we head into the holiday season’s final throes, 2022 is starting to become ever brighter on the horizon. That’s especially of note if you’re a James Bond fan, as the 60th anniversary celebration looks to include some stunning new developments for all things 007. It’s not certain if that could include the casting of Daniel Craig’s No Time To Die era successor, but that hasn’t stopped Tom Hardy from continuing to top the odds to play Bond. Nor has it interrupted two fan favorites from making a comeback. 

Where Do The James Bond Odds Currently Stand?

We turn once more to numbers from the betting firm of Coral (via The Express,) and the results have broken in a rather interesting fashion. When we last updated the field of play, the short truce that saw Hardy and Tom Hopper sharing the lead position was still held together. As you can tell from the introduction, and the numbers we’re about to show you, that is no longer the reality. Here’s where the James Bond odds currently stand: 

  • Tom Hardy - 4-1
  • Regé-Jean Page - 9-2
  • Henry Cavill - 6-1
  • Tom Hopper - 7-1
  • Idris Elba, Richard Madden and James Norton - 8-1
  • Riz Ahmed - 10-1
  • Luke Evans - 12-1
  • Lashana Lynch - 14-1
  • Jamie Bell, Callum Turner and Sam Heughan - 16-1

Before we go any further, it’s worth noting that these numbers are very subjective, as this is what Coral has on its books for the time being. Other sources will have different information, and even placements for the candidates being talked up. However, what doesn’t seem to have changed is the field in general, as the usual suspects have shown up from top to bottom.

Tom Hopper Has Fallen, Only For Henry Cavill And Regé-Jean Page To Rise

Oh poor Tom Hopper: once the bright and shining newbie who once made a huge dent in the 007 race, the Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City actor has fallen back a couple slots. His 7-1 odds put him in fourth place, according to the numbers that come out of this update. Which is good news for Regé-Jean Page and Henry Cavill, as both men have seen their fortunes rise rather well. 

Also a previous front runner, Page’s second place finish isn’t bad; though it’s still not the position that saw him riding high before taking gigs like Paramount’s remake of The Saint. Meanwhile, it looks like Henry Cavill’s charm campaign has been working, as The Witcher’s commanding lead has been hitting the trail. Stating he’d love to talk about becoming James Bond if the opportunity arrives, not even his potential long term gig on Matthew Vaughn’s Argylle trilogy could stop this latest boost in the betting polls. 

It should also be noted that in a previous report, Cavill was the most popular option for people to place their money on, even if the odds didn’t reflect that reality. That could change in the weeks to come, but as usual, we’re way too early to make any sort of definitive call; or even an informed guess. Which means that Outlander star and Roger Moore lookalike Sam Heughan, thirst trap factory Luke Evans, or even constant wild card Riz Ahmed could pull ahead at a moment’s notice.

Until the casting hunt has officially been announced, it’s anyone’s game, and these numbers don’t count as any firm benchmark. So for the time being, you might be better off focusing your attention on No Time To Die; which is currently available on PVOD, and will be on home video December 21st. Plan your holiday shopping accordingly. 

Mike Reyes
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