Vanessa Hudgens, The Queen Of Halloween, Reveals Her Natalie Portman-Inspired Costume

Vanessa Hudgens in Tick Tick Boom
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Vanessa Hudgens could be considered the queen of many things; she rules Netflix Christmas movies, in the 2010s she was the queen of Coachella, and she was a princess of Disney Channel. But one thing she’s consistently been a queen of is Halloween. Every year she rocks spooky season with her elaborate costumes, and this year’s festivities began with a Natalie Portman-Inspired look.

The actress always goes hard for Halloween, and this year, she and her friend GG Magree took inspiration from Portman’s Academy Award-winning performance in Black Swan. The duo dressed up as Portman and Mila Kunis’ characters The Swan Queen and The Black Swan, respectively, check it out: 


These looks are iconic, and such a clever idea. Personally, I think this is such a unique, yet recognizable costume. Hudgens and Magree’s poses are so fun, and the costumes are impeccable. They for sure did one of Natalie Portman’s best movies justice. 

I also find this idea so genius, because it’s an unconventional scary costume. Black Swan is a psychological thriller that is honestly scary, and while it’s not what you’d likely consider for Halloween, it’s a fitting movie and costume idea for the spooky season. 

Hudgens has a history of iconic costumes, she always rocks multiple elaborate looks throughout Hallo-week, and posts lots of spooky content throughout the month of October. In the past she’s dressed up as the Black Widow (not the Avenger), a witchy version of the Bring it On cheerleaders, Catwoman in a full leather outfit, a gothic queen, and a cabaret-inspired look, and that’s not even scratching the surface of Hudgens’ history of epic costumes. 

She’s also written about how much she loves Halloween, captioning one post from 2020, with: 

THIS IS HALLOWEEEEEN. Your Halloween queen commin atcha hoooot

You know when Hudgens’ Instagram goes black and white, we’re in for a treat, because she truly thrives during the haunted month. 

The High School Musical actress has also spoken about how she thinks she’s able to communicate with ghosts. She said she’s always seen things, and eventually came around to accepting it, calling it a “gift.” When you add this on to her love for Halloween, it totally makes sense why she is living her best life every October.

While this is Hudgens' month, she also rules December. The actress has starred in four-holiday movies for Netflix that are all extremely popular. From the Princess Switch movies to the stand-alone The Knight Before Christmas the actress has a plethora of festive films to check out after the spooky season is over. 

However, that’s me getting a bit ahead of myself. Hudgens’ Halloween is just getting started. The actress always has an epic lineup of costumes, and this Black Swan look is only the beginning. 

You can always go back on the actress’ Instagram for some Halloween inspo. Or you can watch High School Musical with a Disney+ subscription, and dress up as one of Hudgens’ most iconic characters. You can also check out CinemaBelnd's guides for more costume ideas, from early 2000s fits to costumes inspired by some of the most popular moves of the year

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