Watch Lizzo Hilariously Perform With A Cardboard Cutout Of Boston Icon Chris Evans During A Show In His Hometown

Lizzo and Chris Evans
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Will Lizzo ever get to live down her drunk DM to Chris Evans? The singer hilariously went viral over a year ago for shooting her shot with the Captain America actor, and callbacks to the situation just keep going. Most recently, a cardboard cutout of Evans was present at the singer's show in Boston (Evans' hometown), and it made its way on stage and became part of one of the dance numbers. Needless to say, the on-brand moment looked like a blast for concertgoers.

Tons of fans took to social media following Lizzo’s show in Boston, Massachusetts on Friday in order to share an already-iconic sight of the singer performing “Tempo” on stage alongside a cardboard cutout of Chris Evans. Check out this one TikTok post: 


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The cutout shows the Marvel alum in a blue suit with a Boston Bruins jersey on top and a sign around his neck that says “Welcome to Boston, Lizzo.” It’s unclear whether the songstress brought the cutout herself for the occasion of being in the actor’s hometown or a fan brought it for her, but considering her reactions, I’d imagine it was the mastermind of a fan.

In the video, the songwriter's dancers twerked all around the Chris Evans cardboard cutout as she sang. At one point, the entertainer put her arm around it before saying “bye, bitch” and handing it off to a security guard. Of course, I'm slightly disappointed that the actual Evans didn’t come to the show himself, but this was hilarious. 

It was in April 2021 that Lizzo took to TikTok to share her playful embarrassment due to DM'ing the actor before later revealing that he had replied back saying there was “no shame in a drunk DM” and he’d “done worse on” Instagram himself. The Knives Out alum went on to follow her and share that he's a fan of her music. 

Ever since then, a lot of fans have been shipping Lizzo and Chris Evans, with one TikToker even illustrating how the pair’s child might look. There were even “rumors” that the pair were actually having a child together and, although they were false, Evans even played along a bit, saying his mother would be so happy about the news. 

The "Truth Hurts" singer recently revealed she asked the actor to play piano on her latest album, which he humbly declined saying he “would need a few more years of lessons.” While the two, the Grammy winner is currently dating comedian Myke Wright, who she recently confessed that she's “in love" with, via Billboard

Lizzo’s fourth studio album, Special, was released in July and has become a top-charting record. Her North American arena tour began last week, with Boston being her fifth show of 27, and the touring stint will end in Los Angeles in mid-November. Aside from music, Lizzo hosted SNL earlier this year and hit the halfway mark to an EGOT with her recent Emmy win. In order to get the Oscar and Tony, perhaps there’s an upcoming movie starring the real Evans that she can appear in?

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