This Lizzo And Chris Evans DMs Story Just Took A Weird Turn

Chris Evans in Knives out and Lizzo in Truth Hurts music video
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Lizzo and Chris Evans have been having a fun time with the internet these past few months after a potentially awkward DM exchange went viral, but they probably didn’t expect fans to get this invested. The latest development includes a TikToker melding the pop star’s face with the Captain America star to see what their kids would look like. Yeah… now it’s just getting weird.

Back in April, Lizzo took to TikTok to share that she sent the actor a message on Instagram when she was intoxicated. The hilarious part about it is Chris Evans actually decided to respond, telling her there was “no shame” in her slippery fingers doing the talking. Cut to four months later, the internet is still loving the idea of the pair and are even imagining what a hypothetical daughter of theirs would look like:


Okay, so Lizzo and Chris Evans have definitely helped fan the flames to get here, but it’s pretty hilarious that one TikTok confessional from Lizzo spun out into this. Last month, the “Rumors” singer took to social media to joke about a question she got from a fan asking if she was pregnant with her and Chris Evans’ child. Lizzo kept the narrative playful by joking that they were having a “lil America.” Soon after, Evans DMed Lizzo, saying this:

Hi! Just heard about our little bundle of joy my mother will be so happy lol

In response, I guess we know what a mashup of the stars look like now. It’s actually quite amazing how TikToker @Maryscartoons can use a picture of Chris Evans and Lizzo to imagine how their features might look when combined. Lizzo shared the video and pretended to be pregnant again, because it feels like this bit will keep going until Evans and Lizzo actually have a baby... maybe?

It seems like the two celebrities have a mutual respect for each other, even if it's platonic. Chris Evans admitted he’s a big fan of the singer famous for chart-topping songs like “Juice” and “Truth Hurts” after the private message got them in contact for the first time and led Evans to start following Lizzo on social media.

They definitely have something in common, considering both of them are huge Disney fans. Lizzo has campaigned to be in roles from the House of Mouse before, most recently as one of the Muses in the live-action Hercules movie, and Chris Evans had long been vocal about being a bit of a musical theatre nerd, especially in terms of Disney musicals.

Sure, this whole thing is getting a little weird with the most recent development in their faux relationship, but it’s kind of fun to see them play it out. Now can these two just meet already?

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