What Fan Insult Really Bothers Dax Shepard In Regards To His Relationship With Kristen Bell

Dax Shepard talks on Jimmy Kimmel Live.
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Dax Shepard doesn’t seem like someone who could be easily shaken. For starters, the Armchair Expert podcast host is married to Kristen Bell, making him half of an A-list power couple that is under constant scrutiny. Shepard has also been really open and vulnerable about his struggles with addiction. So it’s almost surprising to find out there’s still one thing that really gets under his skin when it comes to fans commenting on his relationship with Bell.

The When in Rome actor was recently a guest on Ellen Pompeo’s podcast Tell Me, where she and Dax Shepard spoke about power dynamics in both Hollywood and personal relationships. The topic of women earning as much money as their husbands (or more than) came up — a relevant subject for the longtime Grey’s Anatomy star and the husband of Kristen Bell. Shepard admitted to struggling early in their relationship with not always being “the earner,” and even though he’s changed his perspective, he told Pompeo it still hits a nerve when social media users target him about that particular issue. As he put it:

People will say snide shit on Instagram. Like somehow my wife pays for everything. That shouldn’t bother me at all! I know how much I make. It’s a lot. Yet, two days later I'll be hearing that fucking tweet in my head. 'Cause that person said that to emasculate me.

No matter how secure you are in your marriage and career, it’s never easy when people launch personal attacks against you. This is particularly true if they pick at the scab of what used to be a sensitive topic. Dax Shepard said having kids changed his whole way of thinking about money, and pointed out that everything he and Kristen Bell earn now is to provide for their education, their future, etc. So it truly doesn’t matter who’s contributing what. 

That healthy perspective and their love for their children are part of what makes this power couple so likable. Well, that and the naked yoga

The Family Game Fight hosts got married in 2013 and are parents to two daughters — Lincoln and Delta. And while Kristen Bell may star in the Bad Moms movies, she seems quite the opposite, and I’d have to imagine her line of work is actually pretty popular with the kiddos, as she is the voice of Ana in Frozen, as well as the sequel and its multiple shorts. Dax Shepard is no stranger to the world of children’s movies either (not that it’s a competition), as he voiced Ruben in PAW Patrol: The Movie

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