What Happens If A Disneyland Guest Vomits On Another Disneyland Guest? Thanks To Viral Post, We Have The (Graphic) Details

Disneyland is supposed to be the happiest place on earth, but sometimes there are circumstances beyond anybody’s control that can make the experience less than ideal. Sometimes your favorite ride is closed for refurbishment. Quite often you might have difficulty getting a reservation at your favorite restaurant. And sometimes, if you’re very unlikely, somebody may throw up on you. The good news is that, at least in that last case, Disney can help you out.

Redditor lucky_charms_ recently posted to the Disneyland subreddit where they showed off the $75 No Strings Attached certificate they received after discovering that somebody had thrown up on them while riding on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, twice.

According to the post, it wasn’t even the roller coaster experience, which can certainly make people queasy, that caused somebody on the train to get sick. The first time they noticed that they were getting hit with something was at the very beginning of the attraction, just as the train was being pulled up the first hill. Then, near the end of the ride, after the train was heading on its final drop, it apparently happened again.

It wasn’t until after the rider got off of Big Thunder Mountain Railroad that they actually realized what had happened. Certainly not the best way to experience one of the best rides in the park. At that point they approached a Disneyland Cast Member to find out what they could do now that their sweater was covered in vomit. The Cast Member then helped out the best way they could, by helping the rider get a new sweater.

How Does Disneyland Handle Vomit Situations?

Disneyland Resort Cast Members are all empowered to one degree or another to help out a guest who is having a less than magical day at the parks. One of the key ways they can do that is with the certificate seen in the original Reddit post. It’s called No Strings Attached, and cast members have the ability to give them to almost anybody for essentially any reason, though there is usually a dollar amount limitation that Cast Members can provide without additional approval.

So in this case, if somebody throws up on your sweater at Disneyland, then Disneyland just gives you a new sweater. You take the certificate to any merchandise location and give it at the register and they give you the item of clothing. And in this case the person got a $75 credit, so it was even enough to buy Disneyland merchandise, which isn’t exactly cheap.

And this can really happen for any reason. I myself had this experience of being at Disney World with my wife and not quite one-year-old baby. We were at Disney Springs a couple years ago when my daughter spit up on herself in that perfectly normal way that babies do. My wife took her into the bathroom to try and clean up, and there was a Cast Member there. She felt bad for us and took us over to the World of Disney store to get my daughter a new coat. 

We’ve seen some instances of people taking advantage of the No Strings Attached system, like wearing intentionally inappropriate clothing into the park in order to get a “free shirt,” but it is nice that the option exists. While it’s impossible to prevent all guests from ever having bad experiences, many Cast Members do everything in their power to fix that, and sometimes that help is the thing that truly makes the day magical.

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